Top Stories The Arab Parliament renews its support for legitimacy in Yemen and condemns Iranian interference

The Arab Parliament renews its support for legitimacy in Yemen and condemns Iranian interference

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Al-Asoumi renewed the Arab Parliament’s standing with the legitimacy of the Yemeni people and supported what the Arab coalition forces are doing to support Yemeni legitimacy.

Al-Asoumi stressed in his speech delivered today, while presiding over the work of the first session of the first regular session of the third legislative session of Parliament, the need to continue the Yemeni consultations to reach a comprehensive political solution in accordance with the three agreed upon references..welcome to the prisoner exchange agreement in Yemen..expressing He expressed his hope that all prisoners and detainees would be released, which would contribute to preparing the atmosphere for the resumption of consultations, in order to reach the desired political solution that ends the crisis.

The President of the Arab Parliament said, “Foreign interference that is lying in wait for the Arab world and seeks to undermine its unity and stability, is a despicable endeavor that we reject in the Arab Parliament and we are addressing, especially the Iranian regime’s interference in Arab affairs and its hostile policy that is inconsistent with international law and the principles of good neighborliness, and striking security and stability And his insistence on supporting the Houthi coup militia in Yemen with money and weapons and providing it with ballistic missiles to strike the stability and security of Yemen’s neighboring countries.

In a statement at the end of the first session of the first regular session of the third legislative chapter of Parliament, the Arab Parliament expressed its concern about the developments in the situation in Yemen and their humanitarian and health repercussions on the Yemeni people in light of the Houthi coup militia’s violations of the dignity and humanity of the Yemeni people and their flagrant violation of the constitution and all international conventions And the values ​​of equality and social justice among Yemeni society.

The statement welcomed the prisoner exchange agreement announced by the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Yemen Martin Griffiths, which was reached between the legitimate Yemeni government and the Houthi coup militia with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross .. calling for the need to build on this agreement to reach a comprehensive agreement for the release All prisoners and detainees and ending this file as one of the important humanitarian files related to the settlement of the Yemeni crisis.

The statement indicated the seriousness of the situation reached by the floating oil tank “Safer” off the port of Ras Issa in the city of Hodeidah on the Red Sea, which has not been subjected to maintenance for five years, and faces the risk of leaking one million and one hundred thousand barrels of crude oil, which will lead to drowning Or the tank exploded after a leak of water inside the tank.

The Arab Parliament affirmed its support for the mechanism provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in July 2020 AD to accelerate work in implementing the Riyadh Agreement between the Yemeni government and the Transitional Council, which was signed on the fifth of November of 2019 AD, calling for the speedy implementation of the terms of the agreement.


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