Auto The Arab Union for Voluntary Work honors Omar Al-Qadi

The Arab Union for Voluntary Work honors Omar Al-Qadi

A member of the Arab Union for Voluntary Work and head of the Green Dream Team, Shabib Al-Ajmi, said that on September 15 of each year, the Union holds an honoring ceremony in all parts of the Arab world, to honor distinguished activists and volunteer initiatives who served their countries and communities.

Al-Ajmi added, “Every year, this day is a difference and essential to recall the importance of volunteering and its great role in building societies, and for this year there is a great special, because the honor coincides with the beginning of the world’s recovery from the Corona pandemic and its great effects that affected the world.”

Al-Ajmi praised the role of Kuwaiti youth in this field through their touch and presence inside and outside the country to help communities and support volunteer, environmental and humanitarian work.

He pointed out that the Union is documenting and recording this honor for all Arab countries, in appreciation of the role of volunteers and their outstanding work, noting that Kuwait, as recorded in letters of light and pride, is the efforts of its distinguished sons in volunteer work, including the CEO of Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi Omar Al-Qadi, who He has many contributions and initiatives to support and increase biodiversity in the Kuwaiti environment.

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