Top Stories The army monitors 87 Houthi violations of the armistice

The army monitors 87 Houthi violations of the armistice

The Iranian Houthi militia continues its violations of the armistice on all fronts. On Saturday, April 16, the National Army detected 87 violations of the armistice by the Houthi militia.

explained Center media The Armed Forces stated in a report that the violations included 29 in the fronts of the Taiz axis, 24 in the Al-Barah axis, west of Taiz and Hais, south of Hodeidah, 12 in the fronts south, west and northwest of Marib, 18 in the fronts of Haradh and Bani Hassan, west of Hajjah governorate, and four violations in the fronts east Hollow.

The report indicated that among the violations, two infiltration attempts by armed Houthi groups were thwarted by the armed forces, the first towards military sites in al-Ayrif, south of Marib, and the second towards military sites on the eastern front in the Taiz axis, in addition to repeated sniping operations carried out by the Houthi militia on army forces’ positions in the Haradh front. west of Hajjah governorate, one of which resulted in the injury of a hero of the armed forces.

The report pointed out that the rest of the violations varied between continuous firing by the Houthi militia at the positions of the army forces on all the aforementioned fronts with artillery, various calibers and drones, in addition to its continued sending of reinforcements, and they were concentrated on the fighting fronts south of Marib, including more than 8 crews who were deployed. simultaneously to the Juba fronts.

Most of the fighting fronts witnessed a continuous flight of the militia’s reconnaissance drones throughout the day.


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