Auto The authentic generosity of «ACURA Mulla» strongest offers of the holy month

The authentic generosity of «ACURA Mulla» strongest offers of the holy month

“ACURA Al Mulla” offers its customers the opportunity to acquire any of the “ACURA” cars during the holy month of Ramadan, at competitive prices and with special offers that are offered within a variety of packages on “TLX”, “RDX” and “MDX” models.

Customers can buy an all-new “TLX” car, starting from 11,500 dinars, and get a generosity package that includes free maintenance for 5 years, with thermal window shading, in addition to protecting the car’s exterior.

Legendre, Al-Kharoubi and Bouhamdan in the Renault Al-Babtain showroom

You can get a car «RDX» at a price of 11999 dinars, and a discount of up to 750 dinars, while the customer gets a discount of up to 1250 dinars when buying «MDX» offered by «ACURA Al Mulla» during the holy month of Ramadan at an exceptional price starting from 12999 dinars.

Designed for a challenge

The all-new TLX launches off-road and on-road, to bypass all odds and challenges, and its 272-horsepower and 108-horsepower engine comes with direct injection to provide low torque and a full range of rotation.

If you are looking for a transmission that meets your driving aspirations, it comes with a 10-speed transmission that provides sharper throttle response and smooth gear changes.

The all-new TLX makes no compromises when it comes to performance. The new double wishbone front suspension and available adaptive damping system provide precise control and strong cornering grip on any road surface. The body of the all-new vehicle is designed using lightweight materials. And in a way that makes it the most solid sedan ever.

This high performance of the “TLX 2021” requires superior stopping power, so the highly advanced electric servo brake system directly derived from the supercar “NSX” has been integrated for precise braking across corners.

As for the driving modes, the TLX 2021 has four distinct driving modes (Comfort, Normal, Sport, Individual), so you can choose what suits you while driving and enjoy its high-performance sportiness on all roads.

Its exterior design, which is different from previous models, features a long, sculpted bonnet, a wider body, and a low sporty stance that gives it an unmistakable presence on the road, while the equipped rear spoiler and exposed dual exhaust finishes enhance its performance character.

And the dynamic exterior of the TLX comes to life with Jewel Eye LED headlights that maintain a bright jewel-like appearance, and are equipped with a bright wide beam that mimics natural sunlight for a great view of the underpass.

Luxurious touches

The characteristics of the sporty vehicle are embodied by its improved leather seats fitted with a “Ultrasuede” black rim, a sporty flat-bottom steering wheel and “LED” fog lights, characteristics that make the “TLX 2021 A-Spec” a fierce sports car.

In its new design for the TLX, ACURA was keen to indulge in the smallest details through the use of high-quality materials such as luxurious Milanese leather with full grains, to give the driver a high-precision feeling suitable for a high-end sports sedan, while the sport seats were designed in a new way to meet Both comfort and support for its leader.

The TLX was designed to exceed the desires of today’s discerning sports sedan enthusiasts. It is loaded with high-quality original materials, surrounded by real aluminum touches, and wood inlays that have been professionally added.

The TLX 2021 is a car inspired by the concept of “Acura Precision Cockpit Concept”, so it is keen to enhance the driving experience of its driver, whether through the steering wheel switches, the available sports pedals or the available flat steering wheel, all of which give it the fierce character inspired by the supercar For the cabin.

Besides, the all-new TLX is equipped with Apple CarPlay51, so that you can access your phone directly on the center screen of your car using True Touchpad Interface, which enables you to send and receive messages, listen to music as well as get directions with your voice through the help of the Siri system on your iPhone. Your.

Your all-new TLX can also be a Wi-Fi Hotspot100 for up to seven devices simultaneously, so you and those in the car can stream, browse and stay connected.

Spaciousness and strength

The car «MDX» gives the driver exceptional performance, it is a luxury SUV for the driver and passengers. MDX combines class leadership for best fuel consumption; New levels of sophistication and luxury in comfort and the highest level of safety performance.

new design

The “RDX” has been radically redesigned, as it differs completely in its body as well as the chassis, which is designed to provide a sophisticated and attractive driving experience, and it starts with a longer wheelbase measuring 2.6 inches, to give more comfort while driving and additional space for the cabin, while the storage area behind the rear seats expanded by a measure of 3.4 cubic feet with an additional 1.7 cubic feet of underground storage.

The new platform provides a completely flat rear floor, giving occupants first-class seating comfort in all three rear seating positions.

The structure of the all-new “RDX” consists of more than 50 percent of high-strength steel, while it comes with a double rear frame and new steel front door rings with two pieces of high-strength, which increases the rigidity of the body significantly, and makes the cabin more accurate and quieter.

The chassis was designed in a completely new form with a dual electric steering system that reduces the rate of resonance with high-performance sports specifications. The new “RDX” comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and 16 valves with “DOHC VTEC” and “Dual Variable Timing Cam Dual VTC”, and quickly 272 horsepower and 4,500 rpm torque with reduced “RPM” torque by 40 percent to provide sharper throttle speed and response.

The cabin is characterized by the new «RDX» luxury equipped with technology and ideas «Acura» modern for a more personal driving experience, in light of the comfortable sports seats, which are designed exclusively for the car.

The sports car seats come with a lightweight, ultra-strong steel frame, with improved lateral support for spirited driving, as well as the ability to adjust the seating position by 16 positions in all rows, to provide the driver and front seat passenger with the same levels of seat adjustment and comfort.

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