Infotech The average additional cost for households linked to inflation estimated at 90 euros per month

The average additional cost for households linked to inflation estimated at 90 euros per month

Inflation “gonna stay high” during “several more months”, warned France Inter the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire this Wednesday, June 1. Galloping inflation which has a cost: it could lead to an average additional cost of 90 euros per month for households, one third due to the rise in energy prices, one third from transport and one third from the expected increase in average basket in supermarkets, according to a study.

The Inflation Observatory of the magazine 60 million consumers, of which the NielsenIQ Institute is a partner, estimates that it will be necessary to pay “on average 90 euros more” each month for “absorb the general rise in prices”.

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This figure was established from the actual weight of fuel, energy and consumer goods expenditure in household budgets, the magazine said on its website on Wednesday.

27 euros more for fuel

“With 20% increases, fuels already force you to pay an average of 27 euros more per month”while energy bills, up 25%, “cause additional withdrawals of an average amount of 32 euros per month”. Finally, the “general increase of 7% in everyday consumer products, expected this summer, will lead to an additional expenditure of 30 euros per household each month”.

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This last item of expenditure necessarily varies according to the composition of the household, a family paying on average 38 euros more each month, against 21 euros for a couple without children, details the magazine.

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Inflation accelerated again in France in May, to 5.2% over one year, exceeding the 5% mark for the first time since September 1985, according to an initial estimate published Tuesday by INSEE. The year-on-year rise in prices was 4.8% in April, already reaching a high in almost 37 years.

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