Life Style The best way to clean the mixer, the mixer will start shining

The best way to clean the mixer, the mixer will start shining

Kitchen Hacks: Mixer is used the most in the kitchen. Whether grinding spices or making a shake, a mixer is used. One of the most used appliances in the day is the mixer. In such a situation, it is also very important to keep the mixer clean. Sometimes the smell of spices starts coming in the mixer jar. In such a situation, the taste gets spoiled on grinding any other thing. If the mixer jar and machine are not cleaned properly, then it can spoil very quickly. Today in Kitchen Hacks, we are telling you a very simple way to clean the mixer. This will increase the life of both your mixer and the jar. You have to follow these tips to clean the mixer.

1 First of all, whenever you use the mixer, wash the mixer or mixie with hot water.

2 If you have spices or asafoetida in the mixer, then to remove its pungent smell, put a slice of some dry bread and run the mixer.

3 Now rub the lemon peels well inside the mixer and wash it with water. By doing this, there will be no smell of any kind in the mixer.

4 If you have made butter in a mixer, then you should wash the mixie by adding a little dish soap in hot water.

5 Sometimes to clean the mixer, add 2 teaspoons of vinegar and water and stir for 2 seconds. This will clean the mixer.

Make a paste out of 6 baking powder and water, now put it inside the mixer and leave it for 15 minutes.

After this wash the mixer with clean water. By doing this, the smell coming in the mixer goes away.

8 Keep cleaning the mixer well too. With the help of a cloth, clean the spices or dirt falling in the mixer.

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