Infotech The Biden plan has two targets: virus and poverty

The Biden plan has two targets: virus and poverty

Be careful, one shot can hide another. The one signed by Joe Biden, Thursday, March 11, will go down in history as a massive rescue program – $ 1,900 billion (1,590 billion euros) – associated with the worst pandemic of the XXIe century. It is called like that, moreover: theAmerican Rescue Plan, the “American Rescue Plan”. And it is specifically devoting several hundred billion dollars to the fight against the coronavirus, which has already caused the death of more than 530,000 people in the United States according to data from Johns-Hopkins University.

In the United States, “vaccine hunters” track down unused doses

But it is perhaps the other side of the plan that will anchor Joe Biden in history, like Franklin D. Roosevelt with the “New Deal”, Lyndon B. Johnson with health insurance for the elderly or Barack Obama with the “Obamacare”: an extraordinarily ambitious device to tackle head-on a very American problem, poverty.

According to the calculation of Zachary Parolin, a respected researcher at Columbia University in New York, the poverty rate could drop from 12.3% to 8.3% with this plan, that is to say, it would snatch 12 millions of Americans at the end of the line, reports the “Washington Post”. The number of poor children would fall by more than half. According to another estimate from the Urban Institute, a Washington-based think tank, the poverty rate falls by 42% among blacks, 39% among Latinos and 34% among whites with

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