Infotech The call from start-ups: “It is time to create a Buy European Tech Act”

The call from start-ups: “It is time to create a Buy European Tech Act”

At European level, and this is a great first, we have laid the first foundations in record time for a new framework aimed at making the digital giants accountable and limiting their monopoly position by dusting off competition law. With the Digital Services Act (DSA), anything that is illegal offline will also be illegal online; with the one on digital markets (DMA), we are restoring oxygen to our businesses. Another major advance: the regulation on foreign subsidies, which puts an end to the distortions of competition caused by State aid allocated by third powers.

Through these new provisions, which offer users a safer Internet and fairer conditions of competition for companies, the originality of our European model is expressed, which is based on both economic freedom and social justice. Our social market economy requires lawmakers to fix market failures and give businesses an equal chance to thrive, while protecting consumers.

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However, to build real European digital leadership, we must go further by creating an ecosystem favorable to innovation. This notably involves massive and structuring public and private investments in the digital economy, progress in the capital markets union, relaxation and harmonization of rules, strengthening of strategic industrial sectors or even an assumed preference for European solutions.

On this last point, remember that our Chinese, American or Israeli competitors do not hesitate to reserve a share of their public contracts for their own companies. Just look at the “Buy American Act”, created during the Great Depression and still in force 90 years later, or even China, which does not hesitate to brandish the national preference card to defend his own interests. This is why it is imperative to move forward on the issue of public procurement which – by constituting more than 14% of European GDP – represents a major lever for innovation and autonomy. Wouldn’t it be time to seriously consider a “Buy European Tech Act”?

Europe now has large companies and technological nuggets that are increasingly mature and efficient, capable of offering solutions and services on a par with foreign competitors. 283 start-ups are now valued at more than a billion dollars, i.e. 10 times more than in 2014. These start-ups, like our large companies, need to be able to count on public contracts to affirm their international leadership. The subsidy should no longer be the only tool for stimulating innovation in Europe.

“Start-ups have gone from pigeons to unicorns”

This is not about adopting a protectionist approach. The objective is not to completely exclude foreign suppliers, but to encourage public purchasers to legally favor European technology, when an equivalent offer in terms of price, quality and performance exists. A “Buy European Technology Act” could extend the differentiated treatment for operators from third countries, similar to what is already done in certain key sectors, such as energy or defence. We must extend this approach to other strategic areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or cloud computing. Our European leaders must seriously consider renegotiating the agreements signed on behalf of the European Union at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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The European Union is in the process of taking control of its technological destiny, but we must be realistic in order to move forward. It is only in this way that we will manage to build real European digital and industrial strategic autonomy.

The digital, forgotten by the presidential campaign, wants to be heard


  • Stéphanie Yon-Courtin, Renew Europe MEP and Vice-President of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) at the European Parliament


  • Bas Beekman, Managing Director, StartupAmsterdam
  • Jan Bormans, Managing Director, European Startup Network
  • Francesco Cerruti, Managing Director, Italian Tech Alliance
  • Gianmarco Carnovale, President, Roma Startup
  • Godefroy De Bentzmann and Pierre-Marie Lehucher, presidents, Numeum
  • Jean-Noël De Galzain, Managing Director and Dorothée Decrop, Managing Director, Hexatrust
  • Esther Mac Namara, executive delegate, Cap Digital
  • Christian Miele, President, the German Startup Association
  • Maya Noël, Managing Director, France Digitale
  • Clark Parsons, Managing Director, Internet Economy Foundation
  • Marta Pawlak, Head of Public Policy, Startup Poland
  • Open Internet Project
  • Johann Svane, Policy Director, Danish Entrepreneurs
  • Dominique Tessier, Cybersecurity sector manager, European Champions Alliance
  • Guillaume Tissier, co-organizer, International Cybersecurity Forum


  • Jean-Julien Alvado, Ferchouche Kamel, Aufrere Alexandre, EverTrust
  • Jean-Pierre Barré, Sales Director France, Wallix Group
  • Arthur Bataille, Managing Director, Pr0ph3cy
  • Paul-Emmanuel Bidault, co-founder, Dastra
  • Stéphane Blanc, President, Antemeta
  • Murielle Bochaton, Commercial Director, Nameshield
  • Olivier Bourgeois, digital communication manager, Arcad Software
  • Cyril Bras, Cybersecurity Director, Whaller
  • Jean-Michel Brossard, General Manager, Moabi
  • Vincent Cardon, President, Tranquil IT
  • Laurent Cayatte, President, Metsys
  • Guillaume Champeau, Legal and Public Affairs Director, Clever Cloud
  • David Chassan, Chief Strategy Officer, 3DS Outscale
  • Chloé Clair, Executive Director, namR
  • Fabrice Clerc, Managing Director, 6cure
  • Luc D’Urso, Founder and CEO, Atempo
  • Philippe Dann, Risk and Advisory Director, EBRC
  • Ronan David, Strategic Director, Efficientip
  • Ludovic De Carcouet, Managing Director, Digitemis
  • Jean-Noël De Galzain, Managing Director, Wallix Group; Founder and President, Hexatrust
  • Jacques De La Rivière, Managing Director, Gatewatcher
  • Stanislas De Remur, Managing Director, Oodrive
  • Stéphane De Saint Albin, CEO, Ubika
  • Fabrice Derepas, co-founder & managing director, Trustinsoft
  • Olivier Dion, Managing Director, Onecub
  • Faiz Djellouli, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Holiseum
  • Xavier Facelina, Managing Director, SECLAB
  • Thomas Fauré, Founder & Managing Director, Whaller
  • Ludovic Foreau, Managing Director, Satelliz
  • Alexandre Fretti, Managing Director, Malt
  • Alain Garnier, Managing Director, Jamespot
  • Michel Gérard, President, Conscio Technologies
  • Renaud Ghia, Managing Director, Tixeo
  • Florian Giraud, Chief of Staff, Luko
  • Cyril Guillet, Founder, AugmentedCISO
  • Nicolas Helenon, co-manager, NeoTech Assurances
  • Mathieu Isaia, General Manager, TheGreenBow
  • Estelle Joly, Chief Operating Officer, CyberVadis
  • Yassir Kazar, Founder & Managing Director, Yogosha
  • Thomas Kerjean, Managing Director, Mailinblack
  • Yann Klis, President and Co-Founder, Scalingo
  • Laurent Lafaye, Fabrice, Co-CEOs, Dawex
  • Yann Lechelle, Managing Director, Scaleway
  • Guillaume Loth Demay, President, Equisign
  • Georges Lotigier, President, Vade Secure
  • Ricardo Marvão, Co-Founder and Director of Global Growth, Beta-i Collaborative Innovation
  • Bertrand Mathieu and Florent Sangani, co-founders & Co-Directors, Vetted
  • Olivier Morel, Managing Director, Ilex International
  • Didier Moscatelli, Managing Director, Neocase Software
  • Wolfgang Oels, Chief Operating Officer, Ecosia
  • Michel Paulin, Managing Director, OVHcloud
  • Olivier Perroquin, President, inWebo Group
  • Bernard Peultier, Chief Operating Officer & VP Innovation, Nextino
  • Éléna Poincet, co-founder and general manager, TEHTRIS
  • Arno Pons, Director, Digital New Deal
  • Clément Saad, Founder and President, Pradeo
  • Guetat Tarek, Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric
  • Alexandre Souille, President, Olfeo
  • Franck Tricot, VP strategic partnerships, Synapse Medicine
  • Ana Cristina Țoncu, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Techcelerator *Hexagon Venture Srl
  • Guillaume Vassault-Houtière, co-founder and CEO, YesWeHack
  • Damien Vignault, Managing Director, Scalair

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