Life Style The combination of three planets in Capricorn today and tomorrow, has come with Saturn and Guru, the factor of mind ‘Moon’

The combination of three planets in Capricorn today and tomorrow, has come with Saturn and Guru, the factor of mind ‘Moon’

Shani Dev, Mahima Shani Dev Ki, Karamfal Data Shani : According to the Panchang, today and tomorrow are special for the people of Capricorn. There is a combination of three planets in Capricorn, which are these planets, let us know-

  1. saturn
  2. Teacher
  3. Moon

In astrology, all these three planets are considered special. Where Shani Dev is considered as the factor of justice, while Jupiter is seen as an auspicious planet. Moon is the significator of the mind.

Gajakesari Yoga and Vish Yoga
According to astrology, when Moon and Jupiter are in conjunction, then Gajakesari Yoga is formed. Gajakesari yoga becomes very auspicious yoga. On the other hand, when Saturn and Moon are in conjunction, then Vish Yoga is formed. This yoga is not considered auspicious.

Saturn’s half-century on Capricorn
The lord of Capricorn is Shani Dev, who is currently transiting in Capricorn, but at this time Saturn’s half-century is also going on in Capricorn. Therefore, this time is going to give special attention in some cases. There is a need to be careful regarding health, money, job and business.

karma giver saturn
Shani Dev is considered a cruel planet in astrology. Shani is also called the giver of karma. Shani Dev gives fruits to the person on the basis of his deeds, Shani is a justice loving planet. Therefore, doing wrong things should be avoided. When people do wrong things, they harm others. If they do not perform their duties properly, Shani Dev works to punish them during their Dasha, Antardasha, Sade Sati and Shani’s Dhaiya. When Saturn is inauspicious, it gives obstacles and loss in work.

remedies of saturn
Offer mustard oil in the temple of Shani Dev on Saturday.
Recite Shani Chalisa and Shani Aarti.
Help the weak and needy persons.
Donate a black blanket.
Chant Shani Mantra- Om Pram Prim Praun Sah Shanishcharaya Namah

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