Life Style The crow who saved Shani Dev from the rays of Sun God got this boon

The crow who saved Shani Dev from the rays of Sun God got this boon

Mahima Shani dev ki : To save her from her father’s brilliance, mother Chhaya keeps Shani Dev hidden in the forest of Suryalok. Devs and demons roaming here in search of Shani Dev start fighting among themselves. During this time, Shani, the giver of Karma, also comes out of the forest to stop them from injustice. Meanwhile, one day Shukracharya comes to the Sun to find out that power on the orders.

Distraught with hunger, he catches a flying crow and starts eating, meanwhile the crow prays to him, but then Shanidev comes there after hearing his scream. He saves the crow from the demon and teaches the demon a tough lesson. Due to which he piles up there. In the midst of this struggle, it is quite late and morning starts. Here in the forest, Mother Chhaya gets distraught after not finding Shani near and gets upset seeing the time of the rise of Sun God. She wanders everywhere in search of Shani Dev, till then the rays of Suryadev start moving rapidly in every direction. Seeing this, Shani himself also runs from the forest side to escape from his father’s brilliance, but the rays follow him fast. He gets worried about the possibility of himself being consumed, only then his rescued crow changes its divine form and comes in a huge size, picking up Shani Dev and flies away.

The crow saved Shani Dev from the brilliance of the sun’s rays. Both of them saved each other’s life, due to which the relationship of both of them became strong. But the crow flies away before it comes in the eyes of the mother. To help Shani Dev, to get his blessings, the crow was considered auspicious. Mythological belief is that due to the boon of Shani Dev, the crow never falls ill and spends the longest time in the age group.

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