Top Stories The declaration of the Association of families of victims of sniping and mines in the city of Taiz

The declaration of the Association of families of victims of sniping and mines in the city of Taiz

This morning, Saturday morning, the Association of Families of Sniper Victims and Mines was announced at a press conference in the city of Taiz (southwestern Yemen).

The association, which emerged from the womb of field work in light of a catastrophic humanitarian situation, and continuous and horrific violations, said that it will seek to qualitatively document all violations, according to a modern operational methodology, according to the statement.

It indicated that it aims to present a record of violations in order to achieve accountability and identify the perpetrators of war crimes against unarmed civilians, whether by direct sniping or through planting mines, and to refer perpetrators of these crimes to international criminal courts in order to achieve justice.

With regard to the situation in the city of Taiz, the Association clarified that the Houthi terrorist militia snipers have chosen the most supervising locations of the city in all its neighborhoods, roads and main streets, so that they can monitor the widest geographical area, in a clear intentional and systematic targeting of everything that moves within those areas and paralyzes life. In it completely and in order to be able to snipe the largest possible number of civilians, especially women, children and the elderly.

The Association provided statistics for the victims of sniping, as it said that 366 children, between the ages of one and 17 years, were sniped and injured by snipers belonging to the Houthi militia during the period from March 2015 to last December, and the Cairo directorate in central Taiz ranked first in terms of the number of children who were killed Victims of Houthi militia snipers.

On the mines side, the Association said that Taiz tops the list of governorates most contaminated with individual mines planted by the Houthi militia, and mines are found in 18 of the 22 districts in the governorate, and mines have been planted on a large scale and randomly in residential neighborhoods and populated areas.

The number of civilians killed in the city due to mines exceeded 465, among them more than 120 children and 85 women, while the number of wounded reached 905, including 275 children and 183 women.

Since the beginning of the war, local and international organizations have documented hundreds of victims in the city of Taiz, most of them women and children who were killed by sniping and mines.



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