Infotech The discount of at least 15 cents at the pump comes into effect on Friday April 1

The discount of at least 15 cents at the pump comes into effect on Friday April 1

Promised by the government in the face of soaring prices, the discount of at least 15 cents at the pump comes into force from Friday to relieve the budget of motorists and should be well applied, according to professionals.

Faced with fuel prices which recently passed the 2 euro mark, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced in mid-March this discount at the pump, from 1er April – nine days before the first round of the presidential election – and for four months.

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The promised rebate of 15 cents will actually go up to 18 cents including VAT per liter of fuel for consumers in mainland France, a difference which is explained by the amount of VAT applied in the various French territories.

It will be around 17 cents in Corsica, where VAT is lower, and 15 cents overseas, where there is no VAT on petroleum products.

An advance for small gas stations

Some distributor networks also add their own promotions to the extent of the government, which will devote 3 billion euros to it.

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The price displayed at the pump will include the rebate, whereas initially the government had said that the reduction would not be displayed on the station totems and would be applied at the checkout. The distributors themselves have benefited upstream from the discount, at the level of the purchasing groups, since Sunday, which should allow the system to be fluid when it comes into force.

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The government has also provided an advance for small independent service stations, often located in the countryside, which sometimes only renew their tank every ten or even twenty days, so that they can apply the discount from 1er April.

“Everything is done to make it happen as soon as possible”judge Francis Pousse, of Mobilians, employers’ organization of the automotive sector, which had pushed for this last measure.

For individuals and professionals

According to him, the stations will be under pressure to offer the discount as of Friday: “Given the competitive context, when the others around you are going to drop 18 cents, you better be able to follow. »

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He notes, however, that not all wholesalers had implemented the reduction as of the start of the week. “That means that stations dependent on wholesalers who are a little late will be penalized in quotation marks”emphasizes Francis Pousse.

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The measure will benefit individuals but also professionals: farmers, fishermen, road hauliers, taxis, construction professions.

Unhappy with the government’s announcements, some professionals had however joined filter dams last week, blocking oil depots and refineries throughout France.

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