Top Stories The escalation of the kidnapping of children and girls raises the fears of Ibb residents and accuses the Houthis of being behind it

The escalation of the kidnapping of children and girls raises the fears of Ibb residents and accuses the Houthis of being behind it

In recent weeks, the phenomenon of kidnapping children and girls in Ibb Governorate (central Yemen) has escalated in recent months due to recruitment, extortion and exploitation, amid accusations that the leaders of the Houthi militia are behind those gangs.

Residents said, “The phenomenon has escalated in a frightening manner, whether in the center of the governorate, in light of precedent security chaos under the rule of the Houthi militias, whose members dominate all the joints of the security and intelligence services.”

Sources indicated that organized gangs affiliated with the group’s leaders in Ibb were responsible for the widespread kidnapping crimes against girls and young people in the governorate.

The sources stated, “These crimes are still registering worrying figures day after day, while the militia authorities in the governorate continue to deliberately ignore the volume of reports submitted to them about the existence of kidnappings.”

The latest kidnapping crime in Ibb is the exposure of a 16-year-old girl named “Nisreen” to the crime of kidnapping by an unknown gang in the city of Ibb, at noon, while she was returning from her school to her home. She kidnapped her and took her by force in a car to an unknown destination.

Sources said, “The kidnappers quickly returned this girl a few hours after her abduction to the place from which she was kidnapped, then they fled without giving any other details.”

And she stated, “The crime of kidnapping the child Nisreen is just one of dozens of cases that are successively registered in the governorate, and many families keep it secret for fear of social shame.”

In view of the sensitivity of the matter, the customs and customs of the conservative society, and many families are reluctant to talk about such issues after their occurrence, dozens of incidents have not been announced in which girls and children were kidnapped by gangs that are likely leaders in the group behind them.

A few days before the kidnapping of the child Nisreen, the 15-year-old girl, Bara’a, was subjected to a similar kidnapping by human wolves that lurked her for hours in the Al-Sabol area west of the city near her home, where she was taken on a bus to an unknown destination.

While the Ibb governorate has turned over the past weeks and months into a major scene of the phenomenon of disappearance and kidnapping of children and girls, human rights activists confirm that dozens of girls are often victims of organized gangs that carry out kidnappings in the city, taking advantage of the state of security chaos.


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