Life Style The fate of people of this zodiac changes overnight, this elusive planet has a big role

The fate of people of this zodiac changes overnight, this elusive planet has a big role

Astrology, Zodiac Sign : According to astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces. The effect of the auspicious and inauspicious positions of the planets on all these zodiac signs is seen throughout life. There is a strong possibility of sudden changes in the life of people who have these zodiac signs.

Gemini – Rahu is considered an elusive planet in astrology. It is the cause of sudden events in life. Rahu is considered exalted in Gemini. Rahu gives excellent results to the people whose zodiac sign is Gemini. Such people make sudden progress in life. There are also chances of getting money from lottery or sudden somewhere. Such people get sudden success in life. Gemini sign people should take measures to please Rahu.

Capricorn – Rahu also gives special results to the people of Capricorn. The lord of Capricorn is Shani Dev. Shani is also called the giver of karma. Those who work hard in life and earn their living by hard work, Rahu gives very good results when the time comes. Rahu suddenly provides high position, big profit etc. Capricorn people should take care of one thing that they should not do any kind of wrongdoing. Because Rahu can also cause big loss. Therefore, speech and accompaniment should be kept right.

Rahu Remedy
To keep Rahu happy, people of Gemini and Capricorn should observe a fast on Saturday. Along with this, Lord Shiva should also be worshipped. The inauspiciousness of Rahu is also removed by offering Bel leaves and Dhatura on Shivling in the temple.

Rahu Mantra
Om Raahway Namah:

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