Infotech The fund in euros, the only credible alternative to the Livret A in 2023

The fund in euros, the only credible alternative to the Livret A in 2023

Booklet A is popular. For several years now, it has received the majority of deposits from savers who favor security and liquidity. More than 25 billion euros were thus collected in 2022, when euro funds, the former favorite investment of “risk-phobic” investors, lost ground. What about other risk-free investments? Abandoned, unsurprisingly, for several years, they collect the crumbs.

Funds in euros, unfairly unloved investments

Because none of these investments offers the same accessibility-liquidity-profitability combination as the livret A since its rate was raised to 2% – and soon 3% on 1er february. But this revaluation also affects other monetary investments. To the point of offering alternatives to the booklet A?

The PEL rate, for example, was thus raised to 2% on 1er January. As profitable as the Livret A currently, but less liquid, much more restrictive, and above all imposed. Money market funds have for a long time posted near yields.

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