Top Stories The government announces the seizure of Houthi terrorist cells involved in the recent events in Aden

The government announces the seizure of Houthi terrorist cells involved in the recent events in Aden

The Yemeni government said today, Wednesday, that it had seized terrorist cells belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, involved in the recent events in the interim capital, Aden.

This came during a meeting of the Council of Ministers headed by Maeen Abdul-Malik, part of which was devoted to discussing the latest security situation in Aden, and the preliminary results of the investigation into the recent events, which revealed the involvement of Houthi cells in them, according to the Yemeni news agency, Saba.

According to the agency, “The Governor of Aden, the head of the Security Committee, Ahmed Lamlas, and the Director of Security, Major General Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, confirmed the seizure of cells and elements involved in the recent events and the achievement of important results in a number of terrorist crimes.”“.

They pointed out that among these crimes, “the attempt to assassinate the Minister of Agriculture and the Governor of Aden, the bombing that targeted the gate of Aden Airport, and other recent criminal and terrorist acts.”“.

“A press conference will be held in the coming days, to announce the results of the investigations and the names of those involved from the elements and cells, whether those who have been arrested or are being pursued, after completing the results of the inferences,” according to the source..

They pointed out that the Houthi coup militia was involved in standing behind a number of these cells and elements as part of systematic actions targeting the security and stability of the temporary capital, Aden..

The Council of Ministers highly valued the efforts made by the competent authorities in Aden and what they have achieved in detecting and controlling a number of sabotage and terrorist cells involved in the recent events, and the role played by the Joint Operations Room in unifying efforts to reach these results..

He affirmed his full support for these efforts and providing all requirements for their success to control security and stability in the temporary capital, Aden, noting the distinguished efforts and high responsibility of the Governor of Aden, Chairman of the Security Committee and Director of Aden Security..

The Council of Ministers expressed its aspiration that criminals and terrorists would quickly obtain their deterrent and just punishment before the competent judicial authorities, in order to deter anyone who might be tempted to jeopardize security and stability..

He praised the responsible regional and international positions and condemnations, and the voices of denunciation that were issued about the terrorist crimes that took place in Aden, positions that represented standing by Yemen and its people, before they were principled positions on violence and terrorism., emphasizing The government will not hesitate, under the directives of the President of the Republic, to develop the capabilities of the military and security establishment as an important step on the road to combating sabotage and terrorism, confronting its challenges and dangers, completing the restoration of the state and ending the Iranian-backed Houthi coup..


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