Top Stories The government calls on the international community to pressure the Houthi militia to stop manipulating fuel prices

The government calls on the international community to pressure the Houthi militia to stop manipulating fuel prices

The Yemeni government has condemned the Iranian Houthi militia’s continuous manipulation of fuel prices and its monopoly over the quantities allocated to its areas of control.

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammar Al-Eryani said that the terrorist Houthi militia of Iran continues to put obstacles in the way of the flow of oil and gas derivatives to its areas of control, to fabricate lies to mislead citizens, to justify the policies of poverty and starvation it pursues against them, and to manipulate quantities and sell them on the black market at fantastic prices to enrich and finance its war effort.

He explained that the statistics confirm that the Houthi militia-controlled areas got the share the biggest From production For the year 2021, the amount of (26,687) trailers for gas were distributed (11,948) trailers to the liberated governorates, and (14,739) to the Houthi-controlled areas, the equivalent of (32,444,336). cylinder gas, at 55% of the total production.

pointed Al-Eryani indicated that the Yemeni General Oil and Gas Company set a price cylinder Domestic gas for the liberated areas and the kidnapped capital Sanaa and the rest of the areas under the control of the terrorist Houthi militia for only (3,567) riyals per cylinder, in addition to transportation fees according to the location of each governorate, paid for the benefit of the trailer owners and not to the state.

He stressed the government’s keenness to provide for the needs the basic For all citizens without distinction, foremost of which is “oil and gas”, on the other hand, the Houthi militia monopolizes its trade and uses it tools To subjugate, blackmail and mobilize the fronts, and sell them at double prices without regard to the deteriorating economic and living situation and suffering humanity exacerbated.

Al-Eryani called on the international community, the United Nations, and the United Nations and American envoys to put real pressure on the Houthi militia. terrorist To stop the monopoly and manipulation of oil and gas supplies coming from the liberated areas, and not to put obstacles in the way of their circulation and access to civilians at natural prices.

The areas under the control of the Iranian Houthi militia are witnessing a stifling fuel crisis, amid a great recovery in the black market markets, which are supervised by the group’s supervisors.


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