Top Stories The government condemns the killing of the kidnapped Abdul Majeed Alous by the Houthi militia

The government condemns the killing of the kidnapped Abdul Majeed Alous by the Houthi militia

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Eryani, condemned, in the strongest terms, the murder of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, Brigadier General Abdul Majeed Alous, who had been kidnapped in its detention since March 2016.

Muammar Al-Eryani said in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), that Brigadier General Abdul Majeed Alous, who was kidnapped five years ago. yearsHe died after his health deteriorated as a result of the psychological and physical torture he was subjected to, which led to a stroke and cerebral hemorrhage, leaving him without medical care until he died.

?pointed Al-Eryani indicated that Brigadier General Allous worked as head of the Department of Inventions and Innovations at the Center for Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Defense, and invented the security protection system in 2010. He has several patents from China, and a patent for a mine sweeper. The militia arrested him and sentenced him to death for refusing to develop the drone for military purposes.

?. added Al-Eryani: The murder of Brigadier General Abdul Majeed Alous sheds light on the modes The tragic life of thousands of abductees and prisoners in the detention centers of the Houthi militia terroristThe cruel treatment and brutal torture they are subjected to, and the denial of health care, which led To the death of dozens of them in detention.

Al-Eryani called on the international community, the United Nations, and the UN and American envoys to condemn this heinous crime and all the Houthi killings of detainees, and to put pressure on the militia leaders to immediately exchange all the prisoners and abductees without restrictions or conditions in implementation of the Sweden agreement, and put an end to their suffering and reunite them with their families.


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