Top Stories The government stresses the need to unify the security services in Aden

The government stresses the need to unify the security services in Aden

The Yemeni government stressed today, Tuesday, the need to continue unifying the security services in the temporary capital, Aden, to make them able to deal positively and effectively with the challenges and tasks entrusted to them.

“Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik said that the path to completing building the security services is the nucleus on which to build.”

The Prime Minister directed the security services to adhere to the basic requirements of security work, namely respecting human rights principles and building bridges of trust with the citizen, in accordance with law contexts and justice frameworks … indicating the government’s plans to improve the conditions of the security institution and its members in various aspects.

Maeen Abdul-Malik affirmed that the government, with all the political forces and components participating in it, and the local authority is keen to work with an exceptional effort to restore respect for the temporary capital, Aden, and its role, starting with establishing the foundations of security and stability and improving services.

This came during his presidency today in the temporary capital of Aden, a meeting of the Security Committee in Aden Governorate, in the presence of Governor Ahmed Hamed Lamas, where they discussed the security situation and the measures taken to enhance the capabilities of the security services, and complete the unification of their decision in implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

The meeting reviewed the measures taken towards storming the home of the governor of Taiz and the storming of some ministries and government institutions, and the plans to ensure that they are not repeated.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the opportunity is available to work and correct mistakes in order to increase the ability of the security services to perform their tasks with high efficiency and to take decisive measures to control security and stability.

He called for avoiding polarizations that would negatively affect the performance of the security services, not accepting any pressures and exercising their work in a neutral and professional manner in order to provide protection for citizens, preserve state property, encourage investment and contribute to economic recovery.

Today, the capital, Aden, witnessed armed clashes between factions of the Transitional Council, against the background of a dispute over a plot of land.


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