Top Stories The government: What happened in Aden is an attack on the state, and the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement must be completed

The government: What happened in Aden is an attack on the state, and the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement must be completed

The government affirmed that the legitimate demands of citizens receive priority, and called on all to deal responsibly and support efforts for stability and to miss the opportunity for those waiting to divert the course of claims.

In a press release issued this evening, the government made it clear that it understands the legitimate demands and rights of citizens, especially with regard to improving the level of services and the economic situation of citizens, which are issues of priority and the government is working with an exceptional effort to respond to and address them.

The statement said that these economic and service conditions have reached a painful level of deterioration, in all regions and different cities, as a result of a number of factors and reasons, chief among them the war and the coup that they launched and the Houthi militia has been since September 2014, and the state of instability that Aden and the liberated areas have witnessed since August 2019 and delayed The implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, weak state revenues and low rates of oil and gas exports in light of the delay in the arrival of any economic support to the government since its formation.

He pointed out that these complex accumulations can only be overcome by strengthening stability and joint action by all political forces and parties participating in the government to respond to the demands of citizens and to complete the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, especially the military and security side of it.

While the government expressed its understanding and appreciation for the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully and express through the means guaranteed by the constitution and the law, it affirmed at the same time that what happened today of storming the Palace of Lovers does not belong to any form of peaceful demonstration that is legally legitimate and the reasons for it are understandable and can only be classified as a form Anarchy and assault on the state and the law.

She added, “This character of the demonstrations on the peaceful path only serves those who advocate chaos and threaten security and stability, especially the Houthi coup militia, and what happened today stresses the need to redouble efforts to quickly complete the course of implementing the Riyadh Agreement in the security and military aspects.”

The government called on the political forces and parties to deal responsibly towards this sensitive stage, to adhere to a comprehensive speech and not to incite the street and fuel the situation, and that everyone should realize that the only way to achieve any improvement in the economic and service level is to secure the presence of the state and activate its institutions to carry out its tasks.

The government affirmed that it will continue to perform its tasks and efforts to address the situation, and called on the countries of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, led by the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the international community friendly to the Yemeni people, to support the government economically to meet the accumulated obligations and support it urgently before an economic collapse, the effects of which will be significant at all levels.

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