Infotech The government will allow the sale of Christmas trees on Friday

The government will allow the sale of Christmas trees on Friday

Florists will be authorized from Friday 20 November to sell Christmas trees outdoors, like other usual points of sale, Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie announced on Tuesday, November 17.

“In the health crisis we are facing, it’s still easier to organize this sale of trees since in most cases it is done outside”, explained in the preamble the minister on the antenna of “RMC”.

It is first of all very important for the French, for families, for children, during this end of year period. It is also very important for an entire industry », Added the Minister of Agriculture.

“The sector is getting organized”

“You will have the usual places, in which the sale will be organized, many places are already open, I am thinking of supermarkets, I am thinking of DIY stores, garden centers. Regarding florists […] outside sales can also be organized ”, explained the minister, according to which it will be possible to buy trees from this Friday, December 20.

The minister specified that it would be possible to buy these trees without having to order them in advance.

“The sector is getting organized, all the producers are hard at work and it will be possible for each of our fellow citizens to have access to these trees from November 20”, concluded the Minister, who announced on Monday evening the publication of a decree to allow the sale of Christmas trees, without specifying where and from when.

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Finally, what about customers who do not have decorations for their trees and wish to acquire them? “It is possible through online sales or click and collect from specialized stores “, answers “Obs” the cabinet of Alain Griset, Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium Enterprises.

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