Infotech The government will ask TotalEnergies to make an additional effort on fuel prices

The government will ask TotalEnergies to make an additional effort on fuel prices

Petrol, capping the rise in rent prices… The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, returned this Monday, June 27 to the government’s tracks for the protection of purchasing power, while France has reached its “alert rating” on public finances.

In particular, the government will ask TotalEnergies to make an additional effort so that it extends or increases the fuel discount of 10 cents per liter that it had put in place in addition to that of 18 cents applied by the State.

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“When I say that everyone has to get their hands dirty, that also means when it comes to the fight against inflation”launched the Minister of the Economy on BFMTV. “I am going to ask the boss of TotalEnergies, Patrick Pouyanné, to make another effort because the price of fuel remains very high”he continued, indicating that he must meet this Monday morning the CEO of the oil giant. “All the effort cannot rest solely on the State. »

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The executive is finalizing its bill on purchasing power and an amending budget which provide for several measures, including the extension in August of the fuel discount of 18 cents introduced on 1er april. At the same time, the government is considering a new device that is more targeted at large riders to take over from this aid.

TotalEnergies had first applied in February a discount of 10 cents per liter in its service stations in rural areas, before extending it to all its stations on 1er april. “I would like TotalEnergies to continue this effort, and why not increase it”said Bruno Le Maire.

A “compromise” on rents

The executive’s bill should also include the establishment of a ” shield “ housing which will cap rent increases at 3.5% until the second quarter of 2023. “Rents will be frozen. We will not be able to exceed +3.5%, whereas if we look at inflation levels, we could have +4, +5, +6%. It is indeed a protection that we guarantee to the French “, detailed the Minister. The reference rent index, which sets the increase authorized by lessors, is currently indexed to inflation.

The sequel after the ad

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According to Bruno Le Maire, it is necessary ” find a compromise “ on the question of rents. “For several weeks, I received associations of landlords, social housing, consumer associations, landlords… Everyone’s interests must be taken into account. This is how we can move forward. […] I think this rent shield is the best compromise for everyone”he added.

The “alert level” of public finances reached

The minister also warned about the state of public finances: France has reached its “alert rating” on public finances, he warned. “Not everything is possible, simply because we have reached the alert level on public finances”said Bruno Le Maire, adding that “the financing conditions have changed” and that today France is borrowing “more than 2%” to finance public spending, when it did so recently at negative or very low rates.

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Asked about the proposal made by several opposition parties, such as Les Républicains or the National Rally, for a reduction in fuel tax, Bruno Le Maire assured that the government would ” discuss “ with these formations but that “The spirit of compromise must be accompanied by a spirit of decision”.

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“Additional spending of around 20 or 25 billion euros on fuel, as some political formations are proposing, they are too expensive, or else we will have to give up other things”he estimated.

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