Infotech The government will finance a rebate of 15 cents per liter of fuel

The government will finance a rebate of 15 cents per liter of fuel

Faced with soaring fuel prices, and less than a month before the presidential election, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a “discount at the pump of 15 centimes per litre” of fuel, from April 1 and for four months.

This measure, which will cost the State approximately 2 billion euros, concerns both households and businesses and will be “valid on all fuels”said the Prime Minister in an interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien”.

The sequel after the ad

The prices of all fuels, and in particular diesel, have been rising continuously for more than two months, in France as in the rest of Europe and elsewhere, making it one of the important topics of the electoral campaign, with the inflation in general. The rise was caused by oil production failing to keep pace with the strong global economic recovery, which was further accelerated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In France, on average, a liter of diesel was worth 1.8831 euro in the first week of March, but prices today greatly exceed 2 euros in many service stations.

The tankers targeted

The discount will be made at the time of payment, at the cash desk or by credit card at the pump, and will therefore not be immediately visible on the prices displayed, detailed the head of government.

If the state “will reimburse” then the distributors, Jean Castex called them, just like the “oil tankers”to do themselves “a complementary gesture”. From “discussions” on this point are in progress, specified Matignon who detected “positive signs”.

The sequel after the ad

“How the French would understand that they pay a full tank of diesel at 2 euros, while at the same time the oil companies are still making big profits”he wondered.

Can the war in Ukraine accelerate the European energy transition?

The announcement caused the suitors for the Elysée to react: insufficient for Marine Le Pen, for whom “the government is making fun of us by lowering the price by 15 cents” ten days before the first round on April 10.

The communist candidate Fabien Roussel asked to go further and to block prices at 1.70 euro per litre.

No clientelism, defended Jean Castex: “Do you see me telling them Move along, nothing to see ! because there is an election in less than thirty days? It is not my conception of my responsibility”.

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More than 22 billion euros

Jean-Yves Mano, president of the consumer defense association CLCV, told AFP that he saw a “concrete response” but regrets that we have to wait until April 1 for its implementation.

For Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of 40 million motorists, the gesture is “just normal” because “the State is currently reaping VAT revenue that exceeds the planned budget”.

War in Ukraine: “There will be a direct economic cost and the banks will have to support the most fragile”

Matignon defends himself by recalling that the government has already taken a battery of measures to try to stem the effects of the continuous rise in energy prices for months, aggravated by the invasion of Ukraine: blocking of the price of gas until the end of 2022, limitation to 4% of the increase in the price of electricity, exceptional energy check, inflation allowance for 38 million people, or even an increase in the scale of mileage allowances.

The total bill for energy measures had even been quantified at some 22 billion euros by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, including 10 billion euros for the gas price freeze and 8 billion euros for the cap. electricity tariffs.

The sequel after the ad

A fall in prices unlikely in the immediate future

With the global tremors in energy markets, oil prices fluctuated this week. Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the president of the strategic committee of E.Leclerc stores, even anticipated on Friday on BFMTV that prices would drop on Monday.

Not enough to call into question the measure according to Matignon, who will re-examine it in the event of a fall in prices, a scenario however ” unlikely “ given that oil prices were already high before the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

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Jean Castex must also reveal next week “a resilience plan” economic and social in the face of the consequences of the war, which will complete this remission measure.

He also promised for sinners “measures allowing a reduction of their social and port charges”.

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