Top Stories The governor of Ma’rib directs to redouble efforts to absorb the wave of displacement from the southern districts

The governor of Ma’rib directs to redouble efforts to absorb the wave of displacement from the southern districts

Today, the Governor of Ma’rib, Major General Sultan al-Arada, directed the Relief Subcommittee and the Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps and all relevant government agencies to redouble efforts and harness all capabilities to confront the emergency situation resulting from the forced displacement and displacement of tens of thousands of citizens of the southern districts of Marib, due to the military escalation of the Houthi militia. Iranian in their directorates.

The Director of the Executive Unit for the Displaced in Marib Governorate, Saif Muthanna, confirmed that the directives of Governor Al-Arada stipulated providing urgent needs and providing food and shelter assistance to overcome the difficult humanitarian situation caused by the Iranian Houthi militia with its terrorist crimes and bombing of homes, villages and farms with ballistic missiles, booby-trapped planes, missiles and various types of weapons.. Pointing out that Five sites are being prepared and equipped as new camps, with funding from the local authority in the governorate.

Muthana pointed out that the Executive Unit has recorded, since the beginning of last September, the displacement of more than 55 thousand citizens to the outskirts of the district of Al-Juba, the city of Ma’rib and the district of Ma’rib Al-Wadi, and they are living in very difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of the absence of the humanitarian role of international organizations, and the intensity and continuation of displacement.. praising with interest The governor of the governorate and his continuous follow-up to the Sub-Committee for Relief, the Executive Unit, and the authorities concerned with accommodating the displaced and providing urgent needs.

He called on the international community, United Nations organizations and agencies, all international, regional and local relief organizations and humanitarian partners to act urgently and support the local authority in providing emergency and urgent response to the newly displaced and quick access to affected families to alleviate their suffering, especially with the advent of winter.


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