Top Stories The hero soldier Salman Tannin fights with one foot and the spirits of the sky roof (dialogue)

The hero soldier Salman Tannin fights with one foot and the spirits of the sky roof (dialogue)

An injury or disability will not exempt us from confronting Melissa Al-Houthi, and that duty does not drop any excuse

We will fight these priestly militia until our last heartbeat

Today, we are not only defending Marib, but we are defending Yemen as a whole and the Arab region from the Iranian extension

Marib is guarded under the care of God and the free men are the heroes of the armed forces and the men of the resistance

We will fight al-Houthi even if he remains an inch of the soil of this country, and we will not give up on that, whatever the reasons

We are on the way to liberating what remains of the homeland, restoring its security and stability, and building its state

My message and the message of the army and the resistance to Al-Houthi are in the battlefields and mouths of guns

Sahwa Net: Dialogue

About 3 weeks ago, social media circulated a picture of the hero Lieutenant Salman Tannen, who was on the front with his prosthetic leg.

Taneen is considered a model for many of the national army heroes, who were not hindered by their injuries by continuing to fight the Houthi priestly militia.

Al Sahwa Net conducted an interview with the hero soldier Tennin, here are his details:

* First of all, we welcome a hero from the national army?

May God bless you and I am pleased and honored to meet with you …

*Social status?

He is married and I have four children, three daughters and a son, may God protect them all.

* When was your start with the National Army and when was your injury and how was it?

The beginning was with the National Army in 2016 AD, but my participation in resisting the priestly project was early, and the first injury I suffered was in 2008 AD .. where I was seriously injured in the neck, and in the last war that the National Army waged against the Houthi priestly militia, I injured more than Once, the last of which was in the year 2018 AD, when I was exposed to a mine injury that led to the amputation of my left foot. I was subsequently served to Cairo by the brigade command and the help of friends, and it is an occasion to thank them to everyone, each in his capacity and name, for what they have provided for treatment and the installation of an artificial foot. A month to the homeland ..

* One of your feet was amputated, so why did you return to the front despite the excuse?

Nothing will hinder us from defending the religion and the homeland against these aggressive Houthi militias, and I am not the only one and there are many colleagues whose injuries did not prevent them from returning to the front..and some of them were more wounded than me, and with this they returned again to positions of honor and heroism .. And our goal is all in the National Army and the Resistance. It is the liberation of the nation from the priestly gang, and we will not be exempt from injury or disability, and that duty will not waive any excuse .. We will fight these priestly militias until the last pulse in our hearts …

* The sons of the National Army are fighting without salaries. What motivates them to continue fighting the Houthi militia?

We did not come for salaries, even though it is one of the rights of the army. Rather, we came to defend religion, the homeland, the revolution and the republic, defend our security and the security and stability of the region. Today we are not only defending Marib, but we are defending Yemen as a whole and the Arab region from the Iranian tide that wants to pass its projects. Subversive in the region ..

Most of those on the fronts are not concerned with salary only, despite the dire need for that, and it is their right, and all good will come, God willing, with the demise of the Houthis, and it is not possible for us to link our fight against militias with a salary or interest. Many colleagues have left big jobs and joined the fields of pride and honor; Their concern is nothing but liberating the homeland from the Houthi militia, and our religious and patriotic duty prompts us to confront the dirtiest front line gang that Yemen has known

* How did you find the Houthi militia members and their morale?

We found the elements of the Houthi militia living on illusion, quackery and sorcery, all of these elements were either deceived by the militias and lying to them and deceiving them that they are masters and they are slaves created for their obedience and death for their sake, or a flock of young people from our brothers from the tribes who are pushed to the fronts using carrots And the intimidation, enticing them and lying to them that they have entered it is good, and they will leave the way for them to plunder and plunder. Or by intimidating some sheikhs and notables by the necessity of pushing people to the fronts .. This is what we found from the militia members at the front, while their morale is below our feet and will not rise any more.

* How do you view the morale of your colleagues in the national army?

Our spirits embrace the clouds, and that eagerness and morale increases exponentially whenever we see the enemy desperate to advance on the fronts, and we are looking for him.

* Do you only defend Marib?

Marib was defended by a group of Yemen’s honest, loyal and loyal leaders led by the heroic martyr Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi, may God have mercy on him, and today we are on the way to liberating what is left of the nation’s soil, restoring its security and stability, building its state and its promising future. We are not fighting for Sanaa only. We will fight the Houthi, even if he remains an inch of the soil of this country under Houthi rule, and we will not give up on that, whatever the reasons. Because our goal is to liberate all of the homeland, eliminate the clerical imamate dynasty, restore all state institutions, and extend security and stability throughout the homeland. This is the destination.

* Your message to the Houthi militia?

My message and the message of the National Army and the resistance to Al-Houthi are in the battlefields and mouths of guns, and no one will be met.

But I would like to send a message to our brothers from the areas that are still under the control of the militias who deceive, laugh and delude them the Houthi priest and his entourage, and I tell them that the Houthi is in vain and false, how do you fight or allow your children to fight on the side of this priest who seeks to restore the glories of his ancestors, the priests The two fronts ?! How do you sacrifice yourselves and your children in order to become slaves while they are masters ?! Do you know that you are not fighting us only, but you are fighting your past, your present, and your future ?! Your shoes ?! Do you want to go down to this despicable position that did not equal you even by the sandals of this priest or even the dirt that he walks over with his sole, but the servant of this dirt ?! And you also fight the past with treachery and stabbing the glorious September 26 revolution and its leadership who sacrificed their lives for its lofty goals This is what concerns the past ; As for your present, by your standing with this priest, you will help him to enslave you, plunder your wealth and the good of your country, starve, drape, and subjugate all the people of the people for the sake of the success of his sinister goals. As for your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren, it is to the abyss, and there is no future for you or them. Shame and shame will haunt you and your generations with this shame that you commit.

* Your message to the Yemeni people?

O free people, the most precious and dearest people, have confidence and certainty first in God, then in the army, security and popular resistance, and we are committed to the covenant we will not denigrate or complain except by eliminating the sinister coup and the return of state institutions and extending their influence over all parts of the homeland, and there is no room for rumors to deflect and intimidate you Great people are our only hope after God, free people.


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