Top Stories The high cost of living disturbs the joy of Yemenis in Ramadan

The high cost of living disturbs the joy of Yemenis in Ramadan

Yemenis welcomed the blessed month of Ramadan with anxiety and fear of the deterioration of the living situation and the high prices. Ramadan, which is considered one of the months that needs a special budget, the high prices still cast heavy shadows that disturb the peace of this month and make the lives of thousands of families difficult and enter them into many and complex maze. Family and societal problems are caused by the high cost of living, the rise in food prices and housing rent, and all of this Yemenis see no other reason for it than the Houthi coup against the state and its capabilities.

mental illness

The rise included all food supplies without exception, even household gas, and living requirements became monthly problems that are difficult to provide, so the head of the family feels inferior in light of the failure to meet the requirements of the house in the absence of the salary or its meagerness, if any, and thus mental illness begins, and about this matter says a specialist The meeting: “The impact of the high cost of living and rising prices affects the person with severe psychological diseases due to the large number of pressures, the most important of which are economic pressures, as the individual becomes more vulnerable to depression and psychological anxiety, and all pressures overwhelm him.”

The outrageous price hike that weighs down the citizen’s back is a sign of political instability and the weak purchasing value of the Yemeni riyal.

The rise in prices indicates the failure of the coup policy to secure the life of the citizen, who lost all the reasons for stability in his life, including the issue of oil crises and prices that do not seem to have a solution for the coming years of this bitter coup.

The absence of supervision over the markets, the holding of traders to account because of their proximity to the Houthi group, and their lack of accountability in light of the crisis the country is going through, all of this made the shops, especially those located between popular neighborhoods, take advantage of this gap with the increase that workers place in stores or groceries, to the extent that the Lord The family feels helpless because it has failed to provide the family’s needs of food, drink and clothing.

family relationships

The phenomenon of high prices destroyed many family relationships and led to the emergence of countless negatives, including the explicit threat to family stability and the injury of low-income people with many diseases, foremost of which are stress and diabetes, and for this reason, Mustafa, who separated from his wife because of the living conditions, said: The problems did not know their way. To our house except since the Houthis came and brought ruin and destruction to the family and society, I was accustomed to a certain standard of living, and when it was cut off, my wife could not bear and see her children hungry, so she asked me for a divorce and decided to destroy the house in which we lived the best years of life, this is because of the interruption of salaries was the reason.”

The ruin of the hungry

Professor Muhammad Salem, professor of economics, says that “the high prices and the outrageous rise in prices are considered a crime against the citizen in particular and against the country in general. Which breaks the back of the head of the family, and there is no doubt that the two coups are the responsible party that did not play any role in curbing the wave of high prices in all the daily necessities of daily life that people need. behind more wealth, even if it is on the ruins of the hungry.”

Coup Merchants

The entire Yemeni people are still constantly suffering from the continuous and crazy rise in prices in all necessary necessities, as a result of the coup, and the lack of control over the merchants loyal to the Houthis who exploit the situation and play with prices according to their mood without taking into account the citizen who bears all the horrors of living.

It is noteworthy that, since the beginning of this year, the Yemeni riyal has witnessed an accelerated and unprecedented decline, which was accompanied by a crazy rise in the prices of basic foodstuffs.


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