Top Stories The Houthi death machine kills the kidnapped “Jihad” in a prison in Sanaa

The Houthi death machine kills the kidnapped “Jihad” in a prison in Sanaa

Close to the Red Cross, or in a prison that may have been renovated and restored, the International Committee, whose first duty is to care for the abductees and prisoners in light of wars and conflicts, but the terrorist Houthi militia has taken these terrible buildings as a stronghold of torture and a guillotine for the slow killing of thousands of abducted civilians and from prisoners.

The Houthi brutal torture machine recently obtained from the prisoner “Jihad Saleh Saleh Ali Makber”, who was subjected to all kinds of psychological and physical torture until his last moments.

Jihad’s family says that her son died under torture by the Houthi militia, which did not allow him to be treated, noting that his “kidneys” had expired, but were burned, due to the continued torture of him since his capture two years ago in Wadi Jbara in the Kataf district of Saada.

Jihad belongs to Atma District, Dhamar Governorate. There and in one of its villages, his grieving family was waiting for him, not only him but his brother, who is still imprisoned. He was also kidnapped by the militia in Radaa District, Al Bayda Governorate.

It is not a little that he was subjected to, Jihad Makber, a young man in his thirties, who was true when he captured him, but the criminal militia deprived him of all his rights, and exposed him to all kinds of brutality, and it is imbued with all violations that amount to war crimes against humanity, indifferent to international law, the criminal For such crimes, or even religious laws that give rights to the prisoner, including the right to life.

His family says, in its colloquial language, “His kidneys suffered, and he was not treated, or taken to the hospital, and he kept arguing, that is, breathing, without looking at him or pitying his human condition, and we were not invited to treat him as if it was only for his farewell.”

On the 21st of last October, his wife was allowed to visit him, but she was surprised by a direct order from the prison director, to transfer his son to treatment, which she is deprived of, as the militia did not allow him to visit him before, and also prevented him from contacting them throughout his abduction.

And she had to take him quickly, to a hospital in Sana’a, after she continued to borrow money, which is the tired family, and her fatigue increased after her youth became in the presence of the jailer without pity or compassion.

However, it was too late, “Jihad” passed away, in intensive care, he wrote to his “blind” father in debt for his treatment, yet he could not hear the words of his son, from whom the militia had kidnapped everything, first of that his sight, which he lost completely after The arrest of his two sons, and then the execution of a jihad in his liver, which he spent unjustly and aggression.

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