Top Stories The Houthi militia begins the season of child recruitment through sectarian lessons prepared by Hezbollah.

The Houthi militia begins the season of child recruitment through sectarian lessons prepared by Hezbollah.

While many families complained of the disappearance of their children since they were taken from the mosque to the so-called cultural courses, the Houthi militias opened the annual season of child recruitment less than a month after they signed a plan of action proposed by the United Nations to end and prevent the recruitment or use of children in armed conflicts and the killing or mutilation of children Attacking schools and hospitals. The leader of the Houthi militia suggested that fathers be enrolled in these sectarian courses so that they would be able to raise their children according to the dynastic sectarian vision.

On the ninth of last month, Virginia Gamba, the United Nations senior official for children in war zones, announced that the Houthi militia had signed the plan, describing it as a positive and encouraging step, but added: The most difficult part of the journey begins now, and stressed the need to “implement a plan work fully and lead to concrete actions to improve the protection of children.” The United Nations verified the recruitment of nearly 3,500 children and more than 10,200 children were killed or maimed, without knowing how many of those potential combatants were killed or maimed.

The Houthi militia, which does not abide by any international agreement or commitments, opened the annual season to recruit school children under the name of summer camps, and this time demanded parents to participate in these courses so that they can help in the intellectual mobilization process that aims to brainwash children with ideas of extremism and sectarian and sectarian incitement. And she chose a frightening slogan for these camps, which are supposed to house children from the age of six to sixteen, which is “science and jihad” in which sectarian ideas are devoted and other sects are atonement, opponents and followers of religions, and incites the young to fight.

Residents of Sanaa told Asharq Al-Awsat that the killing of many children during the past periods and the disappearance of others who were recruited in mosques and enrolled in secret sectarian courses organized by the Houthi militias made the majority of families refuse to send their children to these camps, which before the coup were places of entertainment and artistic and volunteer activities. Today, the Houthi militias resort to training camps for fighting, sectarian incitement, and atonement. For this reason, the Houthi militias have resorted to neighborhood officials in cities and mosques, and they have included tribal sheikhs and village officials in order to force people to enroll their children in these camps.

Two families in Sanaa said that two of their sons went last year with their colleagues to one of the camps in the neighboring school, but they were surprised by the sectarian mobilization and incitement to fighting, and the description of all those who oppose the militias as hypocrisy, and that is why they decided to expel them, and that other families took the same step, and that they will not allow their children to go this general also.

The head of a family in Dhamar said that the books and handouts that are distributed in the summer centers contain racist sectarian lessons and incite hatred and violence, and documentaries prepared by experts from the Lebanese “Hezbollah” are presented for child fighters of the Houthi militia who were killed in the past, with the aim of glorifying Violence and urged youngsters to imitate them.

According to educational sources, the Houthi militia has absolutely prevented private private schools from holding any summer activities for their students, because these schools often do not adhere to the militia’s instructions regarding the topics that are taught during the summer, and their activities are often in the linguistic, technical and sports aspects, and stressed that despite these During the campaigns, families and students showed a great reluctance to join these camps.

This move came about a week after the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict agreed to send messages to all parties to the armed conflict in Yemen, in particular non-state armed groups, such as the Houthis, as well as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State. In it and strongly all violations and abuses that are still being committed against children in Yemen, and demanded an immediate end to and prevention of all violations and abuses against children,

Including the killing and maiming of children, the recruitment and use of children, attacks on schools and hospitals, abductions, and the denial of humanitarian access. He welcomed the efforts made by the Yemeni government and the Coalition to Support Legitimacy to reunite children formerly associated with armed groups with their families. The team strongly condemned the recruitment and use of children from the parties to the conflict, the majority of whom were recruited and used by the Houthis.

Noting that about two-thirds of children were recruited and used in actual combat, while nearly one-third of children were used in other roles including guarding military checkpoints and laying or removing landmines; It also notes that the recruitment and use of children is often linked to other grave violations and strongly urges all armed forces and groups to immediately and unconditionally release all children.

In their latest annual report, international experts on Yemen revealed that nearly 2,000 Yemeni children were killed in 17 months while participating with the Houthi militia on the fighting fronts, noting that the militias used summer centers and cultural courses to target young and old.


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