Top Stories The Houthi militia booby-trapped the school curricula: Muhammad bought three guns and Hussein detonated seven bombs

The Houthi militia booby-trapped the school curricula: Muhammad bought three guns and Hussein detonated seven bombs

The Houthis have striven to modernize education and introduce their distorted beliefs and heritage into school books, at a time when educational leaders sounded alarm bells from an early age, warning against raising a generation based on a culture of death and slavery.

flame and bombs

Professor M. Al-Hindi from the Capital Municipality says: “Changing the curricula is a policy adopted by the Houthi militia gradually so that they can pass it and did not take the steps at once, and this is the nature of the terrorist militia in every place and time. For years, the heroes of Yemen such as Al-Zubayri, Al-Qardei and Al-Sallal will no longer be known to the students. The students will learn that the heroes are the Houthi terrorists such as Al-Samad and Hussein Al-Houthi and others.

In the same context, Professor Rasha from Taiz Governorate told Al-Sahwa Net: Another crime of the Houthis, rather it is the biggest crime they have committed, which is targeting children and teaching them sectarian methods that make them terrorists full of hatred against society. blood, and the alleged wrongdoing.

She added: “In the Arabic language book for the first grade of primary school, even the letters of the alphabet were distorted, for example, jim instead of ‘islands’ they made it ‘army’ and lam instead of ‘game’ they made it ‘flame’. ..etc., for God’s sake, are these terms taught to a student in the first grade of primary school?

identity metamorphosis

Sundus, an educator from the Capital Municipality, says: “Personally, I feel ashamed when teaching this ridiculous curriculum, but it is a necessity and the harsh conditions. It also matters that they pay attention to what their children are taught and re-teach them the true Islamic and patriotic concepts when they return home. Parents may not pay attention at the present time to the catastrophe of indoctrinating their children with the corrupt Houthi curricula, but in the coming years they will reap the fruits of this mined education in regret and heartbreak.

” Abdelkrim” Mr Psychology, says: “Adjusting the curricula in this brazen way is a behavior that demonstrates the intent of the militias since the days The first is a coup and reflects the absolute necessity to uproot this group and erase its dark legacy from the minds of young people as soon as possible before we are forced to confront an extremist ideological generation whose identity and lost purpose owes allegiance to Iran and not to Yemen, and to the supervisor and not to the family and parents.

He added, “Unfortunately, our children are studying in schools terrorist Like Saleh al-Samad, a great national hero, and Hussein al-Houthi is the prophet, who does not come to falsehood from his hands or from behind him, and the dead man, called Hani Tomer, is portrayed as the master of martyrs, in order to motivate the rest of the children to throw themselves to death, as did that reckless boy. There is a clear scheme. Brainwashing is in full swing, and attention must be paid to addressing the catastrophic situation before it is too late.”


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