Top Stories The inauguration of the Arab Traffic Week activities in the city of Marib

The inauguration of the Arab Traffic Week activities in the city of Marib

The Director General of Ma’rib Governorate Police, Brigadier General Yahya Humaid, and Colonel Ghanem Marah, Director of Traffic Police in the governorate today, inaugurated the activities of the Arab Traffic Week in the governorate.

Brigadier General Hamid and Colonel Marah inaugurated an awareness exhibition that included photographs documenting some traffic accidents, as well as various indicative panels and posters to raise awareness of the various traffic rules and regulations, in addition to setting the times for large transport trucks to pass.

During the inauguration, the Director of the Marib Governorate Police praised the efforts of the Traffic Police in organizing and managing traffic and dealing with congestion and traffic jams in the streets of the city of Marib and secondary cities in the governorate, and to deal with high efficiency with emergency traffic accidents .. directing all security agencies in the governorate to cooperate with traffic officers, facilitate their tasks and provide All forms of support for them, field visits and supervision with them, and working together to make the Traffic Week activities a success and achieve its awareness goals, calling on all citizens to abide by traffic rules and regulations in order to ensure their safety and secure their lives.

For his part, the Traffic Police Director in Marib stressed the importance of concerted official and popular efforts to correct the path of traffic and develop it for the better and enhance community awareness to contribute to reducing the rate of horrific traffic accidents resulting from the failure of some drivers to abide by the rules and regulations of safe traffic … explaining that the traffic police will start after The blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday is carried out by implementing a comprehensive numbering campaign, targeting all unnumbered taxi vehicles, in implementation of the Security Committee directives to complete the previous numbering campaign in the governorate.

At the conclusion of the inauguration, the Director General of Marib Governorate Police and the Director of Traffic Police in the governorate honored the traffic officers who were distinguished in their work during the past year with certificates of appreciation and a motivational reward for their distinguished efforts in the field.


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