Auto The Infiniti Q50 takes you beyond the ordinary

The Infiniti Q50 takes you beyond the ordinary

– The car’s cabin is distinguished by its luxurious materials and engineering design
– The steering wheel provides firm grip and smooth maneuverability on the road

Bold, but at the height of sophistication … it is «Infiniti Q50» ready to launch your bold side, as you only have to unleash amazing horsepower and live the experience of the first technologies of its kind in the world, especially since the vehicle was designed to take you beyond the ordinary.

Through the “Q50” shape that carries the special “Infiniti” features, everyone will feel your presence, from the dual-wave engine cover to the shape of the rear windows in the form of a crescent, so that these luxurious sedans are available in the showrooms of Abdul Mohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, the agent and authorized distributor of cars. INFINITI »in Kuwait to attract attention on all travels and adventures.

Officials of the two companies during the delivery of the trucks

A low, spacious and dynamic appearance helps the Q50 outpace the road, while distinctive aluminum-alloy wheels complete the package, highlighting advanced performance at every turn.

And the sporty front bumper harmonizes smoothly with the flowing and luxurious lines, to allow a bold flow of sophistication and sophistication in every part of the car, for the Q50 to launch with you smoothly.

The Q50 meets strong performance with advanced human art. When you enter the interior, you will feel that you can own your driving, while with its luxurious materials, engineering design and high craftsmanship, the vehicle’s cabin will inspire you to take off on the road ahead.

The steering wheel has been engineered for strong, natural control and smooth handling, and when you use the appropriate gear knob, you will feel the exquisite, performance-enhancing leather.

And because comfort without compromise is the slogan of «Infiniti», when you are on the road, you must feel comfortable, and therefore the seats of «Q50» were designed to support the way you sit, and to ensure the comfort of your passengers.

The special headlights emit a luminous look, to make your presence felt day and night, and with the distinctive crescent shape, the lights flow elegantly and beautifully towards the shoulder line of the Q50 full of strength features.

From the elegant frame of the trunk to the new rear bumper, all the curvature of the sporty appearance of the “Q50” is highlighted, as the reinforced taillights link all parts to reflect the design of the special headlights. Simply, it is the car that leaves a distinct impression as you go to your next destination.

And you can push the limits with the powerful 6-cylinder engine so far, as the engine is available with 300 and 400 hp, which is the leading engine in its class to take you into the world of excitement, and with 400 – 475 torque at 1600 – 5200 rpm, acceleration will be very smooth.

The Q50’s suspension system shapes the driving that revolves around you, and if road conditions change, it automatically adjusts body sway, pitch and recoil rate so your ride is smooth and comfortable.

And when you grab the steering wheel, you should feel inspired to go beyond the ordinary. The Dynamic Digital Suspension filters unwanted road vibrations, so your driving is refreshing for your senses.

Control The power of the Q50 can be harnessed by one of three advanced steering systems. The systems are designed to suit your driving style, balancing comfort with high precision, to put you in control.

You can further enhance your control with the world’s first digital steering system, while the Adaptive Direct-Steer system senses road conditions and adjusts steering to enhance accuracy at every turn.

To adjust the Q50’s response, you can use the drive mode selector, choose from 6 distinct driving modes, or assign yourself a specific style.

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