Entrepreneur “The job of an entrepreneur has nothing to do with what you find on Instagram”

“The job of an entrepreneur has nothing to do with what you find on Instagram”

Raheem Attoumane holds “To break this cliché which associates the young person in a jogging-cap with a bandit. “ At 27, he is himself a young entrepreneur who grew up in the northern districts of Marseille in a family of ten children.

After his baccalaureate, he went to Paris to follow a BTS in insurance and banking. From the start of his professional career, he felt “Compartmentalized as an employee”. He therefore returned to Marseille with the plan to set up his own business, ButlerHome Agency. His idea ? Allow its customers to place orders via WhatsApp to be delivered anywhere in Marseille… but not by just anyone.

Surround yourself with experts

Raheem Attoumane mostly employs several young people from priority neighborhoods, without asking them to wear a uniform. He makes a simple observation, based on his personal journey. As an employee, he spent his days in a tie, before putting on jogging to join his friends. “I realized that we should no longer oppose two different spheres, but rather try to bring them together. “ The young people he employs don’t have to change their dress codes, he says, they just need to improve their skills.

To create his business, in 2019, the entrepreneur benefited from the support of the Positive Planet incubator. A chance encounter. Raheem Attoumane one day passed in front of one of their stand. “We discussed and I was surprised by their receptivity, they were interested in me! ”

This support allows him to validate a bachelor’s degree and, above all, to surround himself with experts: an accountant, a lawyer, business leaders, etc. “People I would never have met on my own”.

A company between the Comoros and Marseille

Finding funding was his main difficulty in making his project a reality. Positive Planet is not a funding organization. And Raheem Attoumane didn’t have a lot of money set aside. As for the banks, “They closed their doors to me”. His advisor at Positive Planet then convinced him to participate in the Entrepreneurs Challenge competition, which allowed him to win 10,000 euros.

MajordHome is also a project that resembles its founder, a company based between the Comoros and Marseille. “My mother is Yemeni and of French nationality, my father is Comorian. I made this gesture, which is as technical as it is symbolically strong, I, a young Afro-descendant and belonging to the Comoros diaspora in France, to set up my head office there, then to drop my luggage there. “

In his career as a business creator, Raheem Attoumane recognizes it, he made several errors, in particular administrative. Today, he would like his experience to benefit others, “Prevent young people from reproducing my mistakes and alert them to the realities of the entrepreneurial profession, which have nothing to do with what they can find on Instagram”. Because he observes a lack of training in entrepreneurship within the French school curriculum, his new project is to supplement the action of incubators like Positive Planet by creating a training center or a small manual.

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