Top Stories The latest of which is honoring the director of a hospital with a Persian shield.. “Erlo” and the lie of sovereignty of the Houthi militia

The latest of which is honoring the director of a hospital with a Persian shield.. “Erlo” and the lie of sovereignty of the Houthi militia

The visit of the military governor of Sana’a, Hassan Erlo, to the Republican Hospital on Tuesday, and the honoring of the hospital director with the “Persian language” shield, aroused widespread resentment among the citizens, especially those who had been deceived by the Houthi narratives about sovereignty and defense of dignity and not being dependent on the outside, as he described it.

actual ruler

Observers pointed out that it is not the first time that an “alleged ambassador” has violated his powers and acted as an actual ruler, as it was preceded by a visit by Erlo to a special section for women in a hospital in the capital, Sana’a, noting that such visits make it clear that the Iranian officer, Hassan Erlo, is the real ruler. For Sana’a, Al-Houthi and his authorities are just a “decoration”, stressing that Airlo “humiliated Al-Houthi and lied about his propaganda about sovereignty and independence.”

blatant interference

Earlier, previous tweets by the so-called “Hassan Erlo”, an officer of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who is in the capital, Sana’a, had provoked angry reactions from Yemenis, who saw it as a blatant interference in Yemeni internal affairs. At the time, Erlo wrote, “There is a strong will of the Yemeni people to achieve peace Just, stopping the total war, and lifting the siege. On the other hand, the countries of aggression proved that they want an agreement that satisfies the House of Saud, and they do not care about the human tragedy in Yemen at all.

Yemeni activists considered at the time that the Iranian appears to be a military ruler of Sanaa, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, and that he decides what he wants, confirming that he is the implementer of the Revolutionary Guard’s agendas, the latest of which is the military escalation towards Marib, through which the militia has suffered successive defeats.

Iran customer

Yemeni tweeters launched a major campaign against the militia leader after the Iranian officer, Hassan Erlo, visited the Republican Hospital and honored the hospital director with the Persian language shield, as most tweets described him as “an Iranian agent carrying out anti-Islam and anti-Arab agendas,” and an activist named Amir Mahboub wrote, “On his Twitter account, his tweet said: In it: “He claims to preserve sovereignty, and he is the one who sold the country, identity, religion and people to Iran.”

Another tweeter called “Hafez al-Habala” wrote: “Honoring the hospital director with the Persian language shield is the biggest evidence that the Persians are the ones who rule Sanaa through their shoes, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and his group.”

While the tweeter and writer “Abu Bakr Jadallah” wrote on his Twitter account: “It is surprising that the free people denounce their invocation of their brothers in the Arab identity and religion and at the same time turn a blind eye to the Iranian ruler’s bribe in Sana’a in hospitals and obstetrics and gynecology departments.” He put it.

special sections

In the clearest form of the violation of sovereignty, the militia allocated special sections in government hospitals, including the Republican Hospital, to treat the wounded Lebanese, Iranians and Iraqis who were injured. were injured They are fighting in the ranks of the Houthis against the Yemeni people sections With special and very focused attention, unlike the Houthi wounded rooms, who lack the minimum standards of health and security, which undermines any Houthi lament over the alleged sovereignty.

Dr. Azam, who asked not to be named, said that the wounded Houthis are thrown “dogs” in the rooms and on the trowels, while the Iranians and the Lebanese receive great care and attention so that “it is difficult for me to distinguish between who is in his country. And who is the outsider. Are the Houthis the Yemenis in their country, or are they just workers for the Lebanese and the Iranians?


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