Top Stories The Leadership Council listens to the government’s report on the economic and service conditions

The Leadership Council listens to the government’s report on the economic and service conditions

President Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, and his deputies in the Presidential Leadership Council heard today, Thursday, the matrix of government policies, regarding modes economic, financial and service, and procedures proposed to improve it.

The meeting discussed the government matrix, in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Leadership Council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, Abdullah Al-Alimi, and Abdul Rahman Al-Muharrami, and through the visual communication department, MPs Sultan Al-Arada and Othman Majali, while MPs Tariq Saleh and Faraj Al-Bahsani were absent with a reasoned excuse.

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik presented his government’s reports to fulfill its economic and service obligations, and the challenges facing it, especially in terms of reforming the electricity sector and public services.

In his report, the Prime Minister outlined detailed indicators of the economic conditions, public finances, and appropriate options to contain the repercussions of the food crisis related to global price changes.

In this context, he referred to the decisions of the Supreme Council of Energy, regarding the reform and development of the electrical system in the fields of generation, transmission and distribution, and the development of urgent treatments for Aden’s electricity at the height of the summer.

The council also listened to government solutions and remedies to confront the global grain crisis, including the agreements signed with the Republic of India to secure Yemen’s wheat needs, and to move forward with the implementation of all bilateral understandings.

In the meeting, President Rashad Al-Alimi directed the government and the Central Bank to provide more procedural reports to confront the financial crisis and strengthen the positions of the local currency, developments in the work of previous directives to banks and exchange companies that included the transfer of their financial operations centers to the temporary capital of Aden, and the extent of achievement in this regard.

President Al-Alimi also directed a detailed report on the necessary requirements for the electricity system during the next four months, and effective solutions for them in the medium and long term.

In this regard, he pointed to the possibility of communicating with an international company to complete an integrated study on electricity in the liberated areas, diagnose the problem and develop strategic solutions to it.

The Leadership Council also requested an integrated report on the situation of the customs and tax agencies in the various land, sea and air ports, and the adoption of a unified mechanism to address their imbalances and control their revenues, in a way that contributes to improving the resources of the state’s public treasury.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Leadership Council stressed the need for the government to carry out its duties in improving living and service conditions, and urgently providing the necessary operational budgets.


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