Top Stories The Minister of Defense receives new battalions from the Abyan axis that are joining the fighting fronts against the Houthis

The Minister of Defense receives new battalions from the Abyan axis that are joining the fighting fronts against the Houthis

The Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi, expressed his pride in the valor of the army’s heroes, alongside them are the resistance men and all the honorable sons of the country of all their affiliations and groups who put the noses of the aggressors in Ma’rib and all the fighting fronts across the country.

The Minister of Defense said during his reception today, battalions from the Abyan axis and arrived in Ma’rib Governorate to join the former forces participating in the battles against the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, “Victory will be achieved for Yemen, and the homeland will enjoy its security, safety and happiness, and it will return to its Arab and Islamic incubator.”

Minister Al-Maqdashi added, “Al-Houthi is our main enemy. He is our enemy in the first place, and we have no other enemy. Al-Houthi is the one who divided and dispersed Yemenis, tore the homeland and fights its security and stability,” according to what the Yemeni news agency “Saba” reported.

Al-Maqdashi praised the sacrifices and stances of all the sons of the homeland and the people of the southern provinces in the battle to confront the Iranian Houthi militia.. He praised the heroism of the giants brigades and their rare sacrifices in confronting the Houthi enemy and breaking its thorn in Shabwa governorate and other areas.

Al-Maqdisi conveyed to the heroes the greetings of the political leadership represented by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and his deputy, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh.. Considering that their joining the battle and joining their colleagues in positions of honor and redemption would be a moral motive for the fighters.

The Minister of Defense said, “We will enter Sanaa and we will raise the banner of the Republic of Yemen on the Maran Mountains, as promised by His Excellency President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, with the support of the brothers in the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the participation of the United Arab Emirates, who stand with the Yemeni people and their army in this existential confrontation and offer support and blood To repel the Persian project and defeat its expansionist ambitions.

He added, “The mullahs of Iran are seeking to impose hegemony on the Arab region and impose new Persian colonial maps through its Houthi militias and terrorist arms to destabilize national and global security in the region.” It is committed by Iran and its Houthi militia, and its repeated targeting of civilian objects, interests and vital installations inside Yemeni territory, Saudi Arabia and the UAE with ballistic missiles, booby-trapped planes, explosives and sea mines, which it receives from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Al-Maqdashi stressed that the security of Yemen and the region and the security of international navigation will not be achieved without the demise of Iran and its tools, the restoration of the stable Yemeni state and the imposition of lasting peace in Yemen.


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