Top Stories The Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff mourn Brigadier General Abdul Ghani Muhammad Salman

The Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff mourn Brigadier General Abdul Ghani Muhammad Salman

The Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the General Staff called out to the Yemeni people, their leadership and armed forces the martyrdom of Brigadier General / Abdul Ghani Muhammad Salman, Director of the Officers Affairs Department, while he was performing his national duty against the militia of the rebellion and terrorism and defending the revolution and the republic and the great national constants and gains.

The Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff said in the obituary statement, “The hero martyr was one of the leaders loyal to the homeland and the cause and had effective contributions in building and developing the armed forces and rebuilding the institutions and departments of the Ministry of Defense since 2016, and he was an example in leadership, soldiering, professionalism and discipline in various stages and levels.” And the positions and tasks assigned to him, and he was one of the first officers who answered the call of duty to confront the Houthi militia and the Iranian project, and he perpetuated an honorable history during his life of national stances and struggle. “

And the obituary statement added, “With the departure of this courageous hero who exerted for the sake of his principle and his dear and precious cause and poured his pure blood to feed the riches of this good land and wash it from the abomination and tails of Persian terrorism, the Houthis have lost the homeland and its armed forces. All sites and squares and remained true to their military honor until the last moment of their lives. “

The statement indicated that the armed forces today mourn this unique leader, expressing pride and pride in the sacrifices and valor of the heroes of the army and resistance stationed in the fronts and fronts, and confirming their move to restore the state and confront the repulsive Iranian and frontier tide. The full desired goals based on its national duty and in loyalty to the blood of the righteous martyrs.

The leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff expressed their sincere condolences and great sympathy to the family of the martyr, his relatives, the companions of Derba and all his loved ones, asking God for his mercy and forgiveness, and his family of patience and solace.


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