Top Stories The Ministry of Human Rights is surprised by the misleading method in briefing the High Commissioner about the extension of the armistice

The Ministry of Human Rights is surprised by the misleading method in briefing the High Commissioner about the extension of the armistice

The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights was astonished by the misleading method contained in the media briefing issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Friday, June 3, 2022 AD regarding the armistice, which was renewed for the next two months.

The ministry said in a statement published by Saba Agency, “Unfortunately, there was a vague media briefing through which it equated the legitimate government that is committed to the terms of the truce and with it the Arab coalition supporting it, and the Houthi militia, which committed thousands of violations during the truce period, and it was mentioned in a common context aimed at making things appear as if the two parties are participating in the same violations.

She added, “The commission began briefing it by naming the Houthi militia Ansar Allah without referring to its supporter Iran. Then it went on to mention the violations that took place during the previous truce, which all the Yemeni people know and who is doing them and who stands behind them, which is also what the High Commissioner and international human rights organizations know and realize. Because everyone knows that those who plant mines on land and sea are the Houthi criminal militia, whose number exceeded two million mines, and they also know who uses sniping and heavy weapons to target civilians in cities and residential neighborhoods, especially women and children.

The ministry explained that while the government is working closely to implement its commitments within the framework of the joint plan with the United Nations and the reports of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Children and Armed Conflict, the government’s commitment to prevent the recruitment of children is confirmed, while the terrorist Houthi militia continues to recruit children, with numbers exceeding 40,000. A child during the past years, and many of these and other violations by the Houthi militias continued during the truce period until the average violations committed by more than (100) violations during the past days.

The Ministry denounced this misleading method by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which, if it was fair and spoke in an honest and serious human rights language, not diplomatic and political, would have made it clear to the international public opinion how these militias committed all these violations, which were enough to thwart the truce without the keenness and patience of the government and the national army. Supporting the coalition for the success of any initiative that constitutes a positive step of peace.

The ministry confirmed that it will submit a detailed letter to the commission in this regard.


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