Auto The new “Lexus” center in Ahmadi is the latest and most advanced… for a better experience

The new “Lexus” center in Ahmadi is the latest and most advanced… for a better experience

Faisal Al-Sayer: We will spare no effort to invest in our facilities
We will provide customers with everything they need in a way that exceeds expectations to always make them happy
– Mahmoud Abu Zahr: Development and improvement are continuous operations in “Lexus Al-Sayer”
– Updating the Ahmadi Center to enhance the customer experience and give them the most distinguished experience

The Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer and Sons Establishment Company inaugurated the newest and most advanced Lexus Center in Ahmadi, to provide a distinguished and more upscale customer experience, in the presence of Chairman of the Board of Directors Faisal Al-Sayer, Chief Operating Officer Mubarak Al-Sayer, Senior Manager of Lexus Business Mahmoud Abu Zahr, and members of the Lexus team. Lexus sales and service.

Faisal Al-Sayer said that Al-Sayer will spare no effort to invest in its facilities, and will provide its customers with everything necessary at all levels, in a way that exceeds expectations to always maintain their happiness.

For his part, Abu Zahr said that development and improvement are continuous processes at Lexus Al-Sayer, which is constantly striving to achieve this, pointing out that the idea of ​​developing the Ahmadi Center lies in enhancing the customer experience and giving them the most distinguished experience that they always expect from the brand.

Hospitality elements

Distinctive elements of Japanese hospitality inspired by the concept of Omotinashi include a larger and more sophisticated luxury customer hall in the car service area, enabling the customer, while drinking his favorite cup of coffee, to follow the service stages of his car through a transparent glass in front of him, in addition to the presence of men’s and women’s halls, and service areas Equipped for the convenience of the client such as chapels, ablution areas and toilets for men and women.

Some of the new and improved features available at the Lexus Ahmadi Center include a receptionist to welcome all customers and provide attention and care, a larger and more sophisticated customer lounge with access to the car showroom, and separate customer lounges for men and women, while part of the floor is allocated to prayer rooms. And ablution and toilets.

A private service advisor (3 offices) is also available, and the latest equipment and fixtures are available. All Lexus vehicle maintenance operations are carried out by qualified and trained technicians, who have been carefully selected to meet the superior brand standards with the latest advanced technologies.

more spacious

The New Cars Showroom has now become more spacious to accommodate all categories of the Lexus group, and was equipped according to the highest and latest standards of the brand, such as the distribution and display method of cars, communication phrases and interactive devices equipped with a color electronic touch screen, to help the customer browse and choose the most suitable vehicle for him.

Lexus now provides customers with a wide range of luxury products and accessories, at a time when sales offices are designed to enhance their concepts of privacy, as the entrance and exit provide a distinctive atmosphere with the wonderful reception area, in addition to developing the new car delivery area to give customers a special and impressive experience.

customers satisfaction

Al-Sayer recently won the prestigious “SERVICE HERO” award for “Lexus”, by continuously achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, in line with the superior quality standards in the brand, within the framework of the company’s continuous commitment to providing exceptional showrooms and service centers that befit its customers. Distinguished.

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