Infotech The occupants of the Aubervilliers allotments evacuated

The occupants of the Aubervilliers allotments evacuated

Worker gardens destroyed with a backhoe … The police proceeded this Thursday morning to the evacuation of environmental activists who have occupied the allotment gardens of Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis for several months, part of which must be destroyed for the construction of ‘a training pool for the Paris-2024 Olympic Games.

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Shortly after 7 am, the police entered the portion occupied by the “jadists” (gardens to be defended) who have occupied the premises for a few months in order to prevent the start of work. This project is, according to them, the sign of an unreasonable urbanization against the tide of the ecological emergency.

“In execution of the court decision which was rendered, we proceeded to the evacuation of the ten occupants who were present”, an official source told AFP, adding that the operation was conducted in an overall peaceful manner.

As soon as the militants left, the destruction of their facilities began to make way for construction machinery. “A security company will come, all of this will be closed and the work will begin”, continued the source.

“L’Obs” had met several occupants of these gardens last June.

At least one jadist in custody

At least one occupant of the premises is currently in police custody for “Insults” and “Violence” towards the police during the evacuation, the same source added to AFP.

The allotment gardens must be cut by nearly 4,000 m2 of plots for the construction of a new aquatic center. The infrastructure should be used to train athletes for the 2024 Olympics and will then be open to residents of Aubervilliers, a popular city in the Paris suburbs. Camille, an environmental activist who arrived quickly on the spot, contacted by phone by AFP, testifies:

“We witness the destruction of the gardens by a shovel completely unarmed, it is an incredible violence. We are surrounded by CRS who take us for terrorists. “

Opponents filed on Monday an appeal against the building permit for the project costing 33.6 million euros carried by the city of Aubervilliers, which notably benefits from around 10 million euros in subsidies from of the Solideo, the delivery company for Olympic books.

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Defenders of allotment gardens called on social networks for a demonstration Thursday at 6 p.m. in front of the town hall of Aubervilliers.

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