Top Stories The painful departure of the man of reform and righteousness and professor of generations, “Salem Mughales”

The painful departure of the man of reform and righteousness and professor of generations, “Salem Mughales”

He passed away and left a profound impact on the souls of the generations who studied at his hands, as his departure represented a loss for the city of Aden and the Islah party, and even a loss for Yemen in general.

He is the head of the local shura authority for Aden and the director of the education office in the governorate, Mr. Salem Mughales, who passed away yesterday the first After he was infected with the Corona virus in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to leave behind good exploits from which young people are inspired by the meanings of goodness, tolerance and struggle for national causes.

With his departure, the temporary capital of Aden and Yemen in general lost a militant personality that contributed to the consolidation of pluralistic political action, and adopted dialogue and wisdom. Moreover, the loss is magnified by the loss of a benevolent educational stature that left good imprints, with its roles in serving the members of his community and a social symbol with the characteristics of sacrifice, struggle and social reform that he knew to everyone.”

A man of reform and righteousness

The head of the media department in the reform of Aden, Professor Khaled Haidan, says that since he knew the great professor Salem Mughales, he is a man of reform and righteousness and a pioneer in mosques, and he preceded the ranks of prayer, following the Qur’an, thanking Hamid, loving the good and the righteous.

Haydan adds in an article he wrote about the deceased, I knew Moghales and I was still young, and the mosque and the study circles and remembrance gathered me with him, and I did not forget his beautiful voice as he sang songs of enthusiasm and youth before the birth of unity, and the pre-unity regime is still in power.

explained Haidan said that he knew reform through the portal of the great professor Salem Maglus and realized the thought of reform through him, noting that he opened his house for gatherings, occasions, congratulations and blessings, meeting brothers and reunions.

professor generations

Director General of the Education Office in Aden Governorate d. Muhammad Al-Ruqaibi writes in his passing saying (The news of the departure of our great teacher, “Salem Al-Maghalis”, the former Director General of the Education Office, surprised us, next to his honorable Lord.

Al-Raqeebi adds, “We were shocked by the painful departure and the end of the beautiful journey of giving that is preserved by the educational and educational work system, because it is a presence and a journey committed to all the ABCs of fruitful work.”

He added, “The great professor left to go next to him, the honorable. He departed from the knowledge of the generations and gave them his abilities. The important thing in the decision left for years within the walls of the Education Office, and before that a long journey, years and stations varied and formed among his beautiful and flexible personality that contained everyone.”

Al-Raqeebi pointed out that the great professor Salem Mughales was the professor of generations and the voice and tone of the educated dialogue, who gave us a lot and provided a lot of data that were associated with him.

Al-Raqeebi concluded his speech in eulogizing the deceased, saying: “A continuous conversation with those advantages that drew you to the path of your life, which is full of many. We sympathize with your departure. We express our condolences to your children, your family, and all those who knew you.


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