Infotech The pension reform is coming to the Assembly, here is the parliamentary calendar to remember

The pension reform is coming to the Assembly, here is the parliamentary calendar to remember

The first act is launched. The ultra-controversial pension reform has been examined since Monday, January 30 by the Social Affairs Committee at the National Assembly, in a very tense atmosphere. Integrated into a bill amending the Social Security budget, this decried text benefits from article 47.1: parliamentarians have only fifty days to discuss it. “L’Obs” sums up his journey.

January 30: arrival of the text at the National Assembly

First step for pension reform: the Social Affairs Commission. Since this Monday morning, 9:30 am, the sixty parliamentarians of this commission have been working on the text. They have until Wednesday at 8 p.m. to vote on the 7,000 amendments tabled against the bill.

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January 31: second interprofessional mobilization

Private sector employees and civil servants meet again in the street on Tuesday to protest against the pension reform. Many disruptions are expected, especially in public transport.

Pension reform: the mirage of the “cagnotte”

At the same time, the government is expected at the National Assembly for its traditional session of questions to governments which risks, this time, being a little more eventful.

February 6: presentation in session

Crucial moment for pension reform. Monday, February 6, the text will be presented in session before the full deputies.

As this is a budget text, it is the original version of the reform that will be presented, without the amendments voted on in committee. Two weeks of debate will open after this presentation.

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February 17: text sent to the Senate

Adopted or not by the National Assembly, the reform will continue its path in the Senate on Friday, February 17. Here again, 15 days of debate are planned, after the parliamentary break from February 20 to 26 in order to agree on the text.

Pension reform: “It is at 55 that the employer’s view begins to change”

The Senate will examine either the text voted by the National Assembly or the initial text with the amendments voted by the Assembly and approved by the government.

March 4: joint committee

If the senators are unable to agree, the text will then be studied within a joint committee (including deputies and senators).

In case of agreement within this commission, the modified text will have to be validated by the two chambers. Conversely, if the joint committee fails to agree then the text is sent back to the National Assembly which has the last word.

Luc Rouban: “The mobilization on pensions shows a distrust of the social hierarchy”

March 26: end of the reform process

Article 47.1 which frames the text provides for only 50 days of debates and parliamentary shuttle. Thus, if on March 26 at midnight the parliamentarians have not voted or rejected the text, the government will be able to make use of this article and implement the reform via an ordinance.

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