Entrepreneur The plastics manufacturer Anvi opens up its capital to internationalize

The plastics manufacturer Anvi opens up its capital to internationalize

The health crisis did not delay the growth spurt ofAnvi. Its turnover has known an increase of 15% in 2020, to 38.5 million euros, and the small plastics processing group established since 1945 in Saint-Germain-du-Plain (Saône-et-Loire) expects 40 to 50% in 2021.

With the successive confinements, two of its three activities were highly acclaimed. Plazur, its range of safety packaging products for infectious risk waste intended for hospitals, jumped 20%. ” Some mussels had to be doubled to produce more infectious waste drums like those seen in vaccinodromes », Indicates Antoine Bouillard, president of the group. The other range that has worked very well is Poétic, the brand of pots and planters from Anvi, driven by the gardening and home improvement craze.

The Poétic activity took off in May 2020 with the creation, in Chalon-sur-Saône, a distribution site of 12,000 square meters for the whole of Europe then the takeover, in July, of the garden branch of the company EMSA, a subsidiary of the SEB group, located in northern Germany (20 employees, 15 million euros in turnover). ” We have been working on this takeover since 2016 », Says the president of Anvi. ” The file matured in 2019 and we wanted to accelerate our development, hence this opening of capital.

City gardens

The role of UI Investissement, BFC Croissance and Caisse d’Epargne BFC LT, which are minorities between them, will be to support the transformation of the family group into an international mid-sized company, with a turnover target of 65 million euros in 2026.

Antoine Bouillard launched an eco-design approach when he joined the family business in 2010, today he thinks about city gardens. Poétic provides half of the turnover, the other being split equally between Plazur and the industrial subcontracting of Anvi Plasturgie, the group’s third activity. In Saône-et-Loire, where it had been created by the grandfather of Antoine and Victor Bouillard, respectively chairman and managing director, the Anvi group employs 240 people, including 110 in production.

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