Top Stories The Prime Minister: Maintaining political harmony is a fundamental pillar for the elimination of the Iranian project

The Prime Minister: Maintaining political harmony is a fundamental pillar for the elimination of the Iranian project

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik emphasized that preserving the political accord achieved under the Riyadh Agreement is a basic pillar for victory in the fateful battle of Yemen and the Arabs against the Iranian project through his proxies from the Houthi coup militia … noting the efforts made by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to continue the national consensus and complete the battle to restore the state. And end the coup.

This came in a speech by the Prime Minister during a Ramadan evening held in the city of Sayun, Hadramout Governorate, with the participation of a number of social figures, sheikhs, scholars, preachers, leaders from the local and executive authorities, and the military and security leaders in the Hadramout valley and desert.

The Prime Minister referred to his visit to Marib and before that to Hadhramaut and currently Seiyun, and what he touched to support the battle to end the Houthi coup and to preserve the state and the republic … indicating that the battle of Marib is the battle of all Yemenis and is a gateway to achieving victory and eliminating the racist and clerical Houthi project.

Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik praised the model Hadhramaut offers in social cohesion based on its accumulated and ancient heritage and the importance of preserving this cohesion and community leadership role … indicating that the integration of official and popular efforts is the basis for success, advancement, stability, development and decent living.

The Prime Minister expressed his understanding of the nature of the difficult economic conditions that the citizen is experiencing and the decline in his purchasing power, as a result of the war sparked by the Houthi coup militia, and the government’s plans to alleviate the suffering and the various repercussions on the daily living and life of citizens .. stressing keenness to create positive competition between governorates, which is reflected in development and service. Citizens.

In turn, Hadhramaut Governorate’s Undersecretary for Valley and Desert Affairs Issam Al-Kathiri praised the prime minister’s exceptional visit and the many treatments he adopted for a number of problems, including to collect the wounds of what happened in Tarim. Governorates of the Republic.

He stressed the need to support the battle of Marib and preserve the homeland, the state and the future of future generations, pointing to the good model presented by Hadramout for development and striving to be better, calling on God to lift the crisis and achieve stability in all parts of the country.

A number of participants in the Ramadan evening gave interventions about their concerns and aspirations from the government and the local authority and the importance of community and official efforts, stressing the need to strengthen, develop and support the model presented by Hadramout, noting the Prime Minister’s visit and his field trip to Tarim District to inspect the conditions of citizens affected by the floods disaster. And his keenness to hold a meeting with social figures and listen to them.

The evening was attended by the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haydan, Public Health and Population Dr. Qassem Buhaibeh, and the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office Anis Bahartha.


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