Top Stories The Prime Minister: The government’s program is the beginning of a path to economic recovery and restoration of the state

The Prime Minister: The government’s program is the beginning of a path to economic recovery and restoration of the state

The Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik affirmed that the general program for the government of political competencies, which was approved by the Council of Ministers in an exceptional meeting today, expresses the government’s will, commitment and determination to start a new and specific course of work, in order to achieve its main goal of completing the restoration of the state, ending the Houthi coup and achieving stability And economic recovery.

The Prime Minister said in a press conference in the interim capital, Aden, that he was keen in preparing the government’s general program project to be away from the usual ready-made and stereotyped templates, in which challenges were reviewed and priorities were identified in light of them.

In the press conference held after a cabinet session in which the government’s draft was approved, the Prime Minister touched on the axes included in the program and the principles on which it was based in its preparation, saying: “We put principles that were drawn from our discussions with various political forces prior to the formation of the government. The government discusses priorities and challenges before we discuss ministerial portfolios and component quotas.

He added that the government’s title for this year is “The Year of Recovery”, because the previous phase, as a result of political instability and conflicts, witnessed a significant deterioration in various sectors, and therefore we were keen to focus on clear goals and measurable priorities that ministries and institutions can build on in their programs and plans.

He described the year 2020 as catastrophic with regard to the humanitarian and economic situation, and this was reflected in the deterioration of public revenues, as the Corona pandemic and the global decline in oil and crude prices exacerbated the crisis, and the government’s debt accumulated in the fuel for power stations, and the salaries and dues of the security and military sectors were delayed.

“Too many details affected the situation. We will speak frankly and transparently with all our citizens so that they know what the challenges are, and the government is at the center of the battle and on the field, and we are communicating with all governors and local authorities to restore and strengthen revenues,” he said.

Dr. Muin Abdel-Malik indicated that, since its return to the temporary capital a month ago, they have been working in their ministry, and with all sectors, and in preparing the program’s project, it was keen to diagnose the reality accurately.

He pointed out that the government’s vision is to work in the year of recovery to stop the economic decline, control the currency rate, preserve, maintain and preserve existing assets, focus on building institutions, boosting revenues, reactivating the law and order system, and strengthening the principle of transparency and accountability.

He stressed: Before all this, and on top of the priorities is the principle of restoring the state and ending the coup, and in return, preserving political stability in the liberated areas and completing the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

The Prime Minister considered the approval of the program an important step, stressing that the serious work really began as soon as the government arrived in Aden.

He said, “We have now started in more than one sector, in the aspect of enhancing revenues and financial procedures in customs and taxes in addition to some policies regarding revenues that may achieve approximately 10 billion Yemeni riyals per month as an increase in revenues,” noting that the issue of recovery is related to public revenues and reducing spending at a time. Present.

He added, “The recovery is not easy. What happened during the six years of the war is great. The damage is great in many sectors. What is happening is that the network of interests, some of which is illegal, built their area in the absence of activating many state institutions.

The prime minister explained that with the presence of the government, the battle will be big, as many of those whose interests have been damaged will fight the government’s role and reactivate institutions because this harms interest networks built in the absence of the state’s role in a number of sectors.

He said, “Work is taking place day and night in all ministries and in the Council of Ministers to achieve quick recovery and results, but we are waiting for support from brothers and friends because this government includes all political forces and represents a government of national consensus, and it is a real opportunity to cross Yemen to safety.”


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