Top Stories The Prime Minister: The Houthi militia has multiplied the disastrous economic and humanitarian situation and plundered aid

The Prime Minister: The Houthi militia has multiplied the disastrous economic and humanitarian situation and plundered aid

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik said that the practices of the Houthi coup militia have doubled the disastrous current economic and humanitarian situation, foremost of which is the ban on the circulation of the new currency and the resulting stopping the payment of salaries of employees in their areas of control, in addition to obstructing and looting relief aid.

This came during his meeting with the British Special Envoy for Famine Prevention and Humanitarian Affairs, Nick Dyer, and with him, the head of the Yemen team at the British Ministry of Development, Chris Bold.

During the meeting, the tasks of the Special Envoy for Famine Prevention and Humanitarian Affairs were discussed, as part of the UK’s interest in addressing the increasing risks of food insecurity and famine conditions in a group of countries, including Yemen, and the mechanisms of cooperation with the government in this aspect.

The meeting touched on the economic and humanitarian priorities that are required to be supported in Yemen, according to the new government program, and coordination and cooperation mechanisms to mobilize resources and international support for Yemen, in addition to improving humanitarian access.

The Prime Minister stressed that any further collapse of the national economy will contribute to doubling the existing humanitarian disaster, which requires the urgent mobilization of international resources to support the new government’s program in this aspect.

He referred to the plans prepared and which will be implemented by the new government as soon as it is formed, under the direction and support of His Excellency the President of the Republic and Yemen’s partners in development in the economic and humanitarian aspects and the development of mechanisms to ensure that aid reaches its beneficiaries.

He explained that the priorities will focus on putting an end to the deterioration of the national currency and continuing the financial, economic and administrative reforms that have been suspended due to recent events, and the required support in this aspect.

The Prime Minister expressed his aspirations for the success of the functions of the Special Envoy for the Prevention of Famine and Humanitarian Affairs, and that Yemen will give special attention in proportion to the distinguished relations with the United Kingdom, which is keen to support the legitimacy and the Yemeni people.

Noting the economic and humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people, and in the forefront is what the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers and other countries and organizations.

In turn, the British envoy spoke about the nature of the tasks entrusted to him to prevent famine and humanitarian affairs, and the priorities he would focus on with regard to Yemen.

He expressed his confidence in working with the new Yemeni government to coordinate tasks and joint cooperation in order to mobilize resources and support in the economic and humanitarian field.


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