Top Stories The Prime Minister: The new phase will lead to an end to the coup and the extension of state control over all provinces

The Prime Minister: The new phase will lead to an end to the coup and the extension of state control over all provinces

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik affirmed that the upcoming new government of political competencies, under the direction of the President of the Republic, will work according to a different and comprehensive approach to normalize the situation in the liberated governorates, and build on the unity of the national ranks in unifying the military and security decision in a way that helps accelerate the completion of the restoration of the state and end the Houthi coup Backed Iran.

The Prime Minister clarified, during a phone call he made today to the Governor of Ma’rib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, that the new government will not claim that it has magic solutions, but with the support and participation of political and societal forces and components, and entrusting the brothers in the coalition to support legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, confident that it will meet the level of aspirations The popularity of it.

He pointed out that this new phase will inevitably lead to an acceleration of the completion of the end of the Houthi coup, the restoration of state control over all Yemeni lands, the end of the suffering of the Yemeni people, the elimination of the Iranian threat to neighboring countries, as well as the securing of international navigation in the most important waterway in the world.

“Our destiny and our responsibility make it imperative for us in this difficult stage, despite all the challenges and complications, to put the citizen service at the top of our priorities and our duty. Our people have suffered enough, and it is time for all official and popular efforts to unite to reduce and eliminate them and improve the standard of life and daily living in all aspects.”

The Prime Minister listened to a detailed explanation from the governor of Ma’rib on the overall situation in the governorate at various levels, including the situation on the battlefields and the failure of all Houthi suicide attempts to attack Marib.

Pointing out that the strength of Marib and its real fortification is in the unity of the national ranks and the formation of the new political competencies government and its return to the temporary capital of Aden to practice its work … expressing his confidence that the new government that the Yemeni people aspire to will be at the level of responsibility and will have all support from everyone.


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