Top Stories The private sector warns of the increasing bankruptcy of companies in Yemen

The private sector warns of the increasing bankruptcy of companies in Yemen

Today, the private sector warned of the increasing bankruptcy of companies that are exposed daily to heavy losses due to the collapse of the national labor price, the increase in risks and the increase in the prices of food, medicine and oil derivatives.

The meeting, which was held in the Chamber of Commerce in Aden, demanded the provision of hard currency to secure these goods to citizens before they ran out of stock.

The meeting discussed its outcome modes economic and living and procedures taken regarding it.

The meeting, which included major traders, importers, representatives of industrial and commercial companies and members of the Chamber, touched on many issues related to the difficulties and problems facing the private sector, foremost of which is the deterioration of the local currency against other currencies and ways to control the movement of market activity and prices to ensure supply stability during this period.

A statement at the conclusion of the meeting stressed the need to focus efforts directly to stop the currency deterioration, save the economic situation from collapse, and reach quick and urgent solutions to the economic problem, as this affects the living stability of citizens.

He pointed out that commercial activity is the basic guarantee for the provision of basic commodities for food to all segments of the people, whose import volume is more than 90% from abroad.

He pointed out that traders recently established the Development and Community Contribution Fund to alleviate the suffering of society, looking forward to the urgent coalition countries to intervene to stop the currency collapse and warn of running out of food stocks.


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