Infotech The purchasing power of retirees is stalling (and this is just the start)

The purchasing power of retirees is stalling (and this is just the start)

Among the major challenges of the presidential campaign, the question of pensions holds a special place. Each candidate, presumed or declared, promises “the” reform, that which will correct the problems of the system that the preceding ones have not been able to eliminate. But beyond ideas, there are facts. Stubborn. And painful for retirees, current and future. Their purchasing power is stalling. And that’s only the beginning.

Pensions: the secret story of a failed reform

From 2010 to 2021, the basic pensions of the private sector and those of the public service were revalued by only 8.6%. Beyond 2,000 euros in pension, the increase is even smaller (7.9%). As for supplementary pensions, the picture grows darker: + 7.2% for Arrco pensions (all employees), + 5.1% for those of Agirc (executives). Over the same period, prices climbed 9.9%. No secret here, these figures appear in black and white in the latest Social Security financing bill (PLFSS).

Some might console themselves with another number. The standard of living of retirees does not exceed

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