Top Stories The series of Aden assassinations… Islah is a victim of terrorism

The series of Aden assassinations… Islah is a victim of terrorism

The reformist leader, Bilal Mansour, did not know when he left his house last Wednesday that it would be the last farewell to his family, and that he would return to them as a dead body; He was assassinated in cold blood by the bullets of death militias in the temporary capital, Aden

Bilal, 42, has a wide smile that does not leave his face. He is the father of three children. He comes from a humble family, known for piety and righteousness. His father was one of the first to form the first Islamic work during the seventies and eighties in Aden.

And because the terrorist dictionary of death militias in Aden is based on destruction, it can end your life and snatch you from among your children just because you belong to the Islah Party, where the bullets of crime and treachery lurked in front of his house to refer him to another number in the list of assassination victims.

Four treacherous bullets lodged in his body ended the life of the martyr Bilal, and assassinated with him the childhood of his children, Mansour (12 years), Asma (10 years) and Khaled (4 years), and caused a great psychological trauma for his wife, causing her to lose her ability to speak for the past two days.

Those close to the martyr’s family told Al-Sahwa Net that Bilal was with his child in front of his house preparing to go to the market when gunmen rained live bullets on him before fleeing, “and in front of the child’s astonishment and hysterical screaming, his grieving wife rushed to save him, but he was dead.”

According to the testimony of an eyewitness to the incident, to the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, he said: “We heard the sound of shooting in the area. Some people rushed to the place to find Bilal covered in blood inside his vehicle.”

He added: “After he was hit by several gunshots, then they took him to Al-Sadaqa Hospital for first aid, but he arrived at the hospital as a lifeless body.”

Assassination Victims

Bilal Mansour Al-Maisari is the number 15 victim in the list of victims of assassinations of cadres and activists of the reform in Aden during the past years, in addition to dozens of arrests and enforced disappearances of party cadres and cases of raids and incursions into its headquarters.

Head of the Information and Culture Department in the Yemeni Islah branch in Aden, Khaled Haidan, said that the assassination of Bilal Al-Maysari reveals the extent of the great security chaos that is taking place in Aden, due to the absence of the security system and the presence of armed groups that do not belong to the state, which allowed the continuation of the cycle of assassinations and chaos.

The assassination of Bilal is not the first in Aden governorate this year. On May 2, last year, unidentified gunmen shot the Secretary-General of the Local Council in Al-Mahfad District, “Mohammed Salem Al-Kazmi”, in front of his house in Al-Haswa District, Al-Buraiqah District, west of Aden. immediately.

On January 26, unidentified gunmen assassinated the Director of Political Security in Hodeidah while he was in Aden. He was kidnapped in front of his house in the Buriqa district, and his body was found the next morning bearing traces of gunshots.

Aden governorate – controlled by the Southern Transitional Council – has witnessed a wave of major assassinations since 2015, targeting army and security officers, political activists, preachers, imams and judges, without revealing the circumstances of these crimes and holding the perpetrators accountable.

According to a statistic issued by the Coordination of Advocacy for Victims of Assassinations in Aden, since July 2015, the city has witnessed the killing of at least 200 cases of physical liquidation, affecting the best men and cadres of Aden, and all these incidents were registered against an unknown person.

Among the most prominent assassinations that have taken place in Aden since 2015, the assassination of the former governor of Aden, Major General Jaafar Muhammad Saad, and the failed assassination attempt that targeted a member of the House of Representatives, Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament, head of the reform party in Aden, “Insaf Ali Mayo.”

obstruction of justice

Although the director of Aden’s security at the time, Major General Shallal Shaye, announced the arrest of the killers of the governor of Aden, and the American “Buzzfeed” website revealed the details of the assassination attempt on “Insaf Mayo” and the parties behind it, justice for these two crimes is still stalled.

Over the past years, the assassination crimes in Aden remained a mystery, until July of the year 2019 AD, after the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office in Aden were leaked, to reveal dangerous information, indicating the name and exact details about the members of the assassination cell.

Among the most prominent contents of the leaks of the prosecution’s investigation records with the accused of the assassination of Sheikh “Samhan Al-Rawi”, the involvement of leaders in the Transitional Council in that process, and the management of an assassination cell in Aden in coordination with external parties, according to the documents published by the daily “Akhbar Al-Youm.”

In January 2019, a report of the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen referred to allegations that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council forces were responsible for the assassinations of a number of clerics, political activists and leaders of the Islah party in Aden.

The Director of Operations at the Euro-Mediterranean Monitor, Anas Jerjawi, said that the escalation of political assassinations in Aden is a natural result of the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of previous crimes, as we did not see any actual movements from the de-facto authority to protect political activists and targeted figures, or even hold those responsible for the operations to account. previous assassination.

He added that a number of those who were subjected to assassinations had already received threats of physical liquidation, but the security authorities did not deal seriously with these threats, which raises real doubts about their responsibility in the occurrence of these operations or allowing them and not interfering to prevent them.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor called, in a statement, the day before yesterday, the Transitional Council to open an immediate investigation into the assassination of “Bilal Mansour Al-Maysari” and all previous assassinations, in order to ensure justice for the victims, and to provide full protection for all personalities who may be targeted for liquidation or physical harm.

The Euro-Med Monitor urged the Yemeni government and the Arab coalition in Yemen to make all legitimate efforts to protect the lives of civilians, end the state of security chaos in Aden, and provide a safe environment for political and civil activity in the city.


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