Top Stories The spread of the phenomenon of the kidnapping of children and girls raises the fears of citizens in Aden

The spread of the phenomenon of the kidnapping of children and girls raises the fears of citizens in Aden

The temporary capital, Aden, is witnessing a great spread of the phenomenon of the disappearance of girls and children, while living in an unprecedented security chaos that has aroused the concern of the Adenian community and caused a state of fear and terror among parents and girls.

Local sources told Al-Sahwa Net that the temporary capital, Aden, has witnessed a number during the past montha Of the security incidents as a result of insecurity there, the most prominent of which was the crew accident, the interception of the bus, and the killing of Sheikh Sanad al-Aqrabi, and the attempt to kill Kamal al-Halimi’s group.

The sources added that among the most prominent security incidents that the city witnessed last month, the body of a young man was found near the main street separating the areas of Al-Mamdara and Al-Arish, and the young man Yassin Zain Saleh was wounded. He was shot by soldiers from the security belt after a verbal altercation with them because they smashed a motorcycle of a citizen in Aden in addition to the outbreak Violent clashes between security forces and gunmen in Al-Mualla, Aden, and gunmen torched the communications booths of the Sabafon company in Aden.

The same sources confirmed that the city of Aden witnessed a number of kidnappings of children and girls in the past, the most prominent of which was the kidnapping of Donia Hussein, who is sixteen years old, in the Al-Mualla District and the kidnapping of Walaa Wadih before returning to her home in mysterious circumstances on the evening of the second day of her abduction.

For her part, the citizen “Umm Abdullah” said that the current insecurity and the increase in the phenomenon of kidnapping and disappearance of children and girls made parents live in a state of terror and great concern for the fate of their children.

Umm Abdullah added in a statement to Al-Sahwa Net that the spread of such a dangerous phenomenon must be put to an end, and security must be mobilized and the perpetrators monitored and arrested in order to get rid of this dangerous phenomenon on society that has become living in panic and lack of security and safety among them.

In the context of her statements, she also expressed the continuation of the forces and armed formations controlling the city in their suspicious silence and their failure to try to control the perpetrators and put an end to such dangerous phenomena that threaten the security of the city.


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